Celebs in Denim: Katie Holmes in Current/Elliott Motorcycle Jeans


Katie Holmes was spotted shopping in Beverly Hills while wearing Current/Elliott Motorcycle Jeans. According to the Gossip Center, Mrs. Tom Cruise has been busy as of late working on her very own fashion line. Of her inspirations, the 30-year-old actress tells, “Alaia, for sure. Stella McCartney. I like Ralph Lauren because I feel like it’s very American, and I’m pretty all-American, from Ohio. Isabel Marant and a new designer, Sari Gueron.” Funny she didn’t mention Current/Elliott, because she has been seen in the brand a lot!

Photos Courtesy of Gossipgirls

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  1. wow, Liznie you’re amazing! you’re so good at id-ing jeans. i always think she looks best/thin when she’s in Current/Elliott jeans than PRPS jeans coz the former’s denim material is stretchy; the latter is none.

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