Celebs in Denim: Fergie in Yellow Ombre Jeans

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Heading through the Perth airport, Fergie was seen wearing a pair of yellow ombre dyed jeans. Her jeans are certainly bright! Going from yellow to grey. AKDMKS did some jeans similar a while back. What do you think of this trend? Would you wear these?

images from gossipgirls.com


  1. eh…I am not liking the yellow…it reminds me of when Fergie peed in her pants…yuck! However, if there were more of a gradient, and a different color scheme…it would be a neat concept. I noticed on American Apparel’s homepage, they are offering a DIY tye dye section on how to dye their white jeans for a personalized look.

  2. I agree with Joyce, it looks like she peed her pants! Not flattering. I would definitely not wear these. Is color denim going to come back in style. I noticed Gap is showcasing a lot of color denim. Not sure about that.