Celebs in Denim: Bill Kaulitz in Dior Homme

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Bill Kaulitz, the lead singer of the band Tokio Hotel, was snapped shopping at Plazza Athenee and the Rick Owens boutique in Paris, France. He is wearing a bright white pair of Dior Homme Skinny jeans. I actually didn’t know this was a guy, I thought it was a girl at first with the heels, skinnys and dress sense. He has very unique style. Do you like it? I wonder how long it takes for him to get his hair like that every day? I have to admit though he is very beautiful.

Images courtesy of justjared.com


  1. Yeah, Bill has a unic style and I think it is a real step for the men to see Bill wearing make-up and heels and stuff
    But, man you can wear it all if you want to!
    i really like Bill Kaulitz and his twin brother Tom kaulitz

  2. I love Bill, he is the kind of man that i like,
    Bill is really really really PERFECT! <3
    and I hate when the people says bad things about him.
    I hate that jealous people ¬¬
    He is gorgeous
    and I love him *-*


    (Bill Kaulitz ÔÖÑ)

  3. Love his style! Just perfect,and he’s different from those others like Efron,Joe Jonas… Original!!! And i love Dior!

  4. i really love his style too, big inspiration and the reason why i love fashion and designing!

    i’m writing this comment just because i wanted to translate loulou’s comment. i can speak german, french and english, so that shoul,dn’t be a problem.
    (ok, my english is not the best, but i can understand the most things, that’s what important, it think :P)

    so, what loulou wrote was:
    hey i think too that bill is hot and his hairstyle needs longtime to look like that

    ok, that’s the sasme sense not all tha time the same words but ok, maybe i could help you if you wanted to know that … and you don’t need google translate now: it is famous that it’s not good, so

    i really love the bill kaulitz style, how ever he changes, he got his own style he isd just getting older!!

    in german, it’s funny to say “lieblingsmensch” it’s like fevorite human… so, he is that for me!
    soooo beautiful this guy <3:)

    oh my gosh, think i wrote enough!!
    bye :*

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