CLOSED! WIN a FREE pair of SIWY Jeans from Boutique to You

siwy acid wash

Boutique to You are giving 2, yes 2! Lucky readers the chance to win a pair of Siwy Jeans! As you know, Siwy is very hot right now and all of the celebs are wearing the brand. Whether you are a huge Siwy fan or you are dying to try the brand you should enter this contest! All you have to do is sign up to Boutique To You’s newsletter, which you can do by clicking here, and then post a comment on this competition blog post to say you have signed up. It’s as simple as that! The winners will be chosen at random by Boutique to You and will then get to select a pair of Siwy Jeans from their site. Please note by entering this contest you are agreeing to give your email to Boutique to You. Good luck! The contest is only on for 2 weeks, the closing date is 11th October.

siwy sat down


  1. .ā”¬Ć€:*ā”¬Āæā”¬Āæ*:ā”¬Ć€..ā”¬Ć€:*ā”¬Āæā”¬Āæ*:ā”¬Ć€.I have signed up.ā”¬Ć€:*ā”¬Āæā”¬Āæ*:ā”¬Ć€..ā”¬Ć€:*ā”¬Āæā”¬Āæ*:ā”¬Ć€.

  2. wow, I wondered who is going to be the first to come up with that kind of wash. The dark also looks a fantastic sade. Great job done SIWY. Good compition Boutique to You.

  3. I love siwy jeans! i want them so bad! but right now i can’t affored them and i work sooo hard please i would love to win them iā€™m signed up!