Celebs in Denim: Robin Wright Penn in Chip and Pepper

Shortly removed from her divorce filing, Robin Wright Penn was spotted out for a business meeting wearing Chip and Pepper Jeans. Finally deciding to pull the plug on her 13-year marriage to Sean Penn last month, the 43-year-old actress shared a laugh with her three companions before hopping into her Porsche convertible and speeding away. Chip and Pepper jeans aren’t exactly what I would call “Premium Denim” but they do have some nice fits and decent prices. I have always adored Robin Wright, she is seriously a beautiful woman for her age!

Photos Courtesy of Gossipgirls

One Comment

  1. Why is she “seriously a beautiful woman for her age!”? Why isn’t she just seriously beautiful? I never understand when people write that, like it’s so shocking when someone older then 30 is beautiful or in shape.