Celebs in Denim: Kylie Minogue in Diesel Matic

kylie minogue diesel matic 81m dance studio

The beautiful, Australian born, Kylie Minogue was seen arriving at a dance studio in south west London. I was really shocked when I saw these pictures because she is wearing the famous Diesel Matic 81M jeans. These jeans are my favourite jeans ever and are from about 2006 so you can’t buy these jeans online anymore, they do pop up on Ebay occasionally so grab them whilst you can! Get them authenticated first though, I am happy to help with that if you want to give me an email. Kylie looks fantastic in them, I wonder what other older jeans she is hiding in her amazing closet? I definitely recommend these jeans as a perfect skinny jean, they have 4% stretch, the wash is amazingly gorgeous and they are so flattering on the butt. I wish they still made the matic cut as perfect as this one!

Images courtesy of celebutopia.net


  1. a few years ago she favoured Levi’s jeans.

    Elle MacPherson was wearing Diesel jeans too. do you want to post her pics?

    supermodels like Elle and Claudia S were almost papped daily wearing jeans. just let you know if you’re interested.

  2. Lorna, could you plz tell me how much this jeans cost? are they expensive as lowky (as seen on Elle)too? have diesel jeans increased their price each year?

  3. Hey 🙂
    These jeans were really expensive I think the retail was around $260 ish? I’m not 100% on this since they are years old now but I come across them time to time, I’ve sold quite a few of them on Ebay and in the mall but they are quite rare now.
    Diesel prices vary sometimes they bring out expensive ones at around $300+ but they also bring out the cheaper ones around $140 it just completely depends on the washes they are bringing out, if they are distressed and really detailed and hand done then they will have a high price tag, if they are just a basic simple plain wash they will have a lower price tag 🙂 There is no pattern every year it’s just wash dependent 🙂 I hope that helps a bit.
    Here is the link to all the sold 81M matics in the mall:
    http://www.honestforum.com/search.php?searchid=1113260 Each pair varies in wash and they are so gorgeous. I own 2 pairs, a 26 and 27 and a pair I have cut into shorts since I bought them with the hems chewed up and cut 🙂

  4. tks Lorna. actually i’m never a fan of Diesel jeans but after seeing Elle in her pairs, i’d like to try it at my local store. i’m glad to hear that they haven’t increased price for 3 years. i hope they won’t either in the next few years, lol.

  5. Hi,
    I have a quick question. I used to wear Diesel’s thoughout my teenage years (am born and raised in Germany). Once I moved to the US I got into premium denim(no more Miss Sixty, used to love their denim ten years ago. Then the japanese salvage phase…Anyhow, I ran across a pair of Diesel Matic’s today,super skinny and very stretchy. I was a bit confused though since I tried on two of the same styles Matic wash 0880C slim-tapered. All the tags checked out beside the fourth one stating APPLICATION 100% COW LEATHER, whereas some of the other pairs said APPLICATION 100% FAKE LEATHER. By application I assume they are speaking of the back Diesel patch which is a dark grey with some studs/stones under the Diesel name. Also they are made in Romania. I got them for 39 bucks at TJ Max.no big deal if theyare fake but I would return them since I won’t fake premium denim (great fit though). Thanks so much for any help.

  6. Hi Silver, if you would like help on them being real or fake you can send me tag photos (be sure to include a good shot of the silver strip) to editor@denimblog.com and I can help you. But I wouldn’t worry about those labels, I have numerous Matic with real and fake leather. Some even have tags that both have real and fake on, it’s just dependent what leather they used on specific parts of the jeans. Great deal though!