Can You Guess Whose Butt This Is In Siwy?

ashley tisdale new siwy 2

Can you guess which recently turned blonde again singer/actress is wearing these Siwy shorts?

Click this blog post to find out! Lots more pictures inside.

It’s Ashley Tisdale!! She was spotted out and about in LA running some errands. She loves her Siwy shorts! Ashley recently turned her hair blonde again for a new role. I am excited to see what it’s for! Do you prefer her brunette or blonde?

ashley tisdale new siwy 5

ashley tisdale new siwy 4

ashley tisdale new siwy 3

ashley tisdale new siwy

Images courtesy of my favourite fan site


  1. Ashley Tizzzzdale carries that givenchy nightingale bag pretty much everywhere, and she dyed her hair blonde again… hmmmm

  2. I don’t mean to bash, but I honestly think she just isn’t pretty like most celebs. She looked better as a brunette either way, but her face just isn’t star worthy…