You Could Be The Face Of ASOS Denim!


ASOS has teamed up with model Jemma Kidd and Leni’s Model management to find the new face of their denim line.

The winner of the contest will be able to start their career as a model with Leni’s as well as be the face of the ASOS denim line, which has yet to launch. As Eleni Renton, director of Leni’s states, “We’re delighted to be doing this competition with ASOS. Our agency is founded on having no size zero models and in this search we’re not looking for super skinny girls, but a girl that can wear all the different styles of denim and look shapely and healthy in each and every one.”

You need to be size 8-12 (UK size), a minimum of 5ft 7 and between the ages of 18-28. The panel will select their top 30 and ask them to join them in London for the semi final where 6 will be selected. The next day the lucky 6 will be the stars of the ASOS magazine. Following the shoot the judges will choose one final winner for the modeling contract! Sorry guys, only girls can enter!

You can enter the contest by visiting the ASOS Facebook fan page by September 4, 2009.


  1. This is not fair! So they just rule out skinnier girls right away? I thought models were supposed to be small…I want to enter, but geez I’m not that big…