CLOSED! WIN a FREE pair of Prima Jeans!


Prima Jeans are giving 4 lucky DenimBlog readers the chance to win a pair of their jeans! You can choose between bootcut and skinny, each winner will be given a different wash.

All you have to do to enter this great competition is post a comment on this blog entry and the 4 winners will be selected at random by Prima Jeans.

I own a pair of Prima skinny jeans and the little details are what make the jean, they have a cute button, a different style zipper, the denim is sturdy and strong and they are made very well, the back pocket placement is also really good. To find out more about Prima Jeans, click here.

The competition will close on Monday 17th August. Good luck!


  1. Heck, I might as well try this.

    Is it me, or is it disturbing how the model’s vains pop out in the foot?

  2. These jeans are so flattering & HOT! Judging by these first photos of these jeans I have no doubt they’ll be right up there among the most popular denim labels once they start getting more publicity such as on female celebrities. The skin tight fit from top to bottom looks incredibly sexy & smart. Exactly how I’d design women’s jeans combining the look of leggings with the feel of denim having simple clean styling & a low rise. To me they look like jeans that are super comfortable & I think I’d be very reluctant to get out of them once I have them on. I also love the fact they don’t have excessive embellishments or unusual styling features that come & go but that they go with a standard 5 pocket design that’s classic & always in style. I’m already looking forward to collecting these skinny jeans in various colors. As a skinny jeans addict these would be perfect since I only wear jeans with a skin tight look to them. All the best & keep up the awesome design!

  3. I have never heard of Prima jeans, but this is a great intro to it. I love how tight they fit. Perfect to dress up or down, and the detailing is nice from what I can see. I like the grey ones! 🙂 thanks for this contest!

  4. This looks a nice jeans. I never saw that brand and is nice to see this look. The skinny ones looks very sexy.
    Nice to have this brand around.

  5. Hello denimblog!
    Skinny jeans and jeggings is the best invention in clothes of all times and the people! 🙂

  6. Great jeans! I love the denim leggins and I absolutely love the skinny types. Great washes too! Never heard of this Brand but surely looking fw to win and get to try one on! You guys are the best! Thank you for all these contests!

  7. wow i really want the skinny jeans not keen on bootcut though
    i own a pair of ultimate skinny jeans like the one above but this one looks definitely more fit than mine min’es from topshop
    oh plz let me b one of the winner !

  8. I never heard of Prima denim until I started reading the I absolutely would LO-LO-LOVEEE to win a pair of Prima denim. Fall is just around the corner and I do need a great pair of skinny denim to easily slip into my leather boots. Not only can i wear these denim conveniently with my denim but with my round toed pumps for a great night out look! pick me pleasee!!! i really never win anything, lol. THANK YOU DENIMBLOG.COM!

  9. Prima jeans gets skinny right! You gotta work to get in and work to get out. The fit is awesome. And I love the super clean and refined look of all their styles. I want to win a pair!

  10. dude if i can score these jeans, id be stoked. fer really stoked. i never win anything… ahhh!

  11. i’m sooo in love with the skinny cut and the fit is just beautiful and make a gorgeous curve , which make a light simple creases

  12. wow, those jeans look absolutely beautiful. i like the white ones and the very light blue ones, i think those look the best

  13. I would love to try these out- the dark wash skinny would be my first pick. They’d be the perfect basic to dress up or down. And so figure flattering!!

  14. I would love to win a pair of these jeans ! They look like they would fit great! The light wash in skinny is amazing!! & they seem as they will be great for my curvier body type

  15. I’d die for a pair of these! I’m trying to save up now. There number 1 on my wish list! Pick me! 🙂

  16. I find it hard to find skinny jeans that STAY SKINNY all the way to the ankle, and these do just that. Love the grey!

  17. Wow great giveaway! I could definitely use a new pair of jeans, especially ones as hot as these! Love the cut of the skinny jeans, they look so flattering!

  18. Fantastic looking cut and fit for both styles. Incredible look for the taller size 4’s. Skinny is super sexy and boot cut just oozes class. I love. I want. I must have.

  19. Within a week, I will turn twenty
    I’d ask for gifts, but I have plenty
    I’m blessed with family, friends and food
    I need nothing, that is good
    But if I received these beautiful jeans
    I would become a birthday queen!

  20. The jeans of this brand look awesome. The skinny especially looks like it fits amazingly. It’d be so awesome to win 😀