LOOK BOOK: 4 Stroke Fall 09


4 Stroke’s launch of the Fall ÔÇÿ09 line will amaze the fashion world beginning this trade show season. The provocative line, titled Invision/Invasion, shows the scope of the label under the design direction of Nathaniel Freeman. The second offering is an impressive take on the photography of Josef Koudelka’s book, Invasion 68: Prague.

Freeman fuses the spirit of the resistance of Czech protesters towards the Russian invasion of Prague into the design of 4 Stroke’s New York City appeal. The result proved to be successful as Fall ÔÇÿ09 is set to birth a new direction in denim. The collection introduces the “work-wear trouser for men and women; keeping washes smokey and dirty on blacktopped green selvage denim, 100% pima cotton with black fill and white with black fill denim,” says Freeman. “Also, color is a big focus with garment dyed denim deep purple, and bright raspberry. “

Striving to elevate the line into the couture realm, the label produced full a denim collection, rather than traditional bottoms. The men’s collection consists of a men’s denim shirt and trench with hard military inspired lines, while the women’s will offer a pillow case dress and reversible denim cloak.

4 Stroke is a designer denim label with its original roots in New York. The line mirrors the city’s unique lifestyle, edge and boldness to seasonally create a captivating collection. The label takes inspiration from iconic moments in history which result in incomparable designs in denim. 4 Stroke is owned by Aalfs Manufacturing – A 100 year old denim manufacturer based in Sioux City, IA and Dallas, TX. The family owned company has been making jeans for Gap, Polo, etc. and 4 Stroke is their first company-branded venture into the premium denim sector. Aalfs has laundries in Mexico which treat and recycle the water to remove impurities and irrigates a portion to the Mexican land.