Indi Denim: Design Your Own Denim!


Indi Denim is an online Premium Virtual Denim Brand for both women and men. You can design your jeans from scratch, exactly how you want them! Along with introducing an entirely new way to shop, the brand just released Creative Destruction finishing treatments this week with new Luxury Japanese and Italian fabric options as wellÔǪ You can now design your own jeans down to the smallest detail, and destroy them too (made custom to your body measurements, of course!). Sounds like a fantastic idea to me, especially if you like your jeans to be personal and perfect for you. If you don’t feel creative and don’t want to design your own pair of jeans you can opt for the custom measurements instead, you can select a jean you like and have it made to fit you.

From the CEO MaryBeth Luber:

“We’re really excited about our new fabrics and finishing treatments because they give consumers even more style options to design the exact jean they want. With our new customization possibilities, the designer can create a jean in a traditional fabric with a clean finish or in a bold Japanese fabric with heavy distressing and holes (or anything in between), for a jean that is literally one in 14 million. No longer do consumers have to settle for jeans that don’t fit their body or their style preferences, because indi offers a revolutionary solution: letting consumers design their own jeans and then making the jeans to fit their measurements.”