Give your old jeans a new life with Denim Therapy


Jeans can be an investment. Once you find that perfect pair and shell out the big bucks for them, you want them to last as long as possible. Sometimes wear and holes are inevitable and rather than shell out more money for an otherwise wearable pair of jeans, you might just want to repair them. Now Denim Therapy can help your jeans look good as new.

They use unique threads, called Perfect Match, which feature many different colors and washes, that might not be available at your local seamstress. This way, a perfect match for your jeans is ensured. In addition, they work on each pair one at a time, no mass repairs or patches. They actually resew and repair your jeans.

While the cost, at aprox $7 per inch, can add up (plus $12 for shipping, per pair) it certainly beats paying over $200 for a pair that might not be replaceable. They also do seaming, hems, pockets and other repairs.

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