Celebs in Denim: Melody Thornton in Paige Premium


Melody Thornton of the Pussycat dolls went shopping at Paige Premium on Robertson Blvd. She picked up some great Paige items including the jacket she is wearing, the Vermont Jacket in Rebel. I love this jacket so much, I have never owned a denim jacket or wanted one until I saw this Paige one, it’s super hot!


  1. I think that those are two different jackets though. The jacket she is wearing in the big picture is cut lower in the back and doesn’t have buttons on the front pockets or on the sides like the Rebel. Is the other one a Paige jacket, too? I like that one better I think. 🙂

  2. Paige Premium sent the images to me so I trust them 🙂 She isn’t wearing the jacket in the side ways photo she is picking it up from the rail so maybe that’s what you mean? She looks great in it though 😀