Celebs in Denim: Christian Serratos in Frankie B.


Actress Christian Serratos cuddles up to her cute little puppy Bolt as she takes a quick break on the set of Twilight Eclipse. She is wearing Frankie B. F Pocket Jeans, I wonder if she wears these in the movie? I love Frankie B. Jeans! Are you a huge fan of Twilight? Are you excited for the new movie?

Images courtesy of justjaredjr.com


  1. Cute! Hey i`ve been wanting to ask u, is there any fan area, where fans can post pictures of themselves wearing their denim jeans?

  2. Hi Voldy! Yeh, you can email us photos and we were going to do a Denimblog readers what are you wearing today each month or so but nobody wanted to send any photos so it never happened. We never went ahead with it 🙁

  3. Oh and what if we started sending photos? I mean why not just start the thing and people i`m sure will post photos… I mean don`t they post them on facebook? I dunno, i think u should just do it, just create an area for readers` pictures and see what happens…

  4. Theres no way for readers to actually post their photos themselves, there is a WAYWT on HF for that if you want to use it but that’s only related to the forum. I think you would be the only one who actually went for it. But I might set up a Facebook page for DenimBlog and have a bit there where readers can post their photos if they want to 🙂

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