Can You Guess Whose Butt This Is In J Brand?

kelly clarkson performs 310709

Can you guess whose butt this is in a pair of J Brand Jeans?

Did you guess right? Kelly Clarkson peformed on the Good Morning America show in Central Park, New York. Kelly sang her hit songs “Already gone” and “Walk away” . She was wearing J Brand bootcut jeans in Ink, (which she has been seen in before).

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  1. I don’t care what Kelly says, NO ONE is supposed to be this over weight. This is not healthy. For her heart, her skeletal structure, etc. Sad.

  2. To Kelly, having a behind like a buffalo is “normal”. Just because it can be stuffed into a pair of “skinny jeans”, doesn’t mean that it should.

  3. Her butt looks fine (in this picture, maybe another would shed more light). Further, that’s not an unhealthy weight at all. Many people can be that big and be perfectly fit, it depends on the individual of course. She looks fine, love that shirt, cardi,whatever it is.