A New QUICK Way To Hem Your Jeans!


All these years we have had to settle for ONE hemline. One that is either too short for heels, or too long for flats. But now, with HemmingMyWay, you can have two hems at the same time! This is not your mother’s hem tapeÔǪ in fact, it’s not tape at all. HemmingMyWay is the FIRST of it’s kind: an adhesive snap hem allowing you to simply snap under your long hem for flats (and here’s the kicker) unsap to slip back into heels.

HemmingMyWay is the only product that truly hempowers you to finally say:
NO to expensive habits of buying TWO pairs of jeans with different hem lengths
NO to pricey trips to the tailor,
NO to long hems dragging on the ground, and
YES to running around town in stylish flats, before slipping back into stilettos for dinner.

Change your shoes NOT your pants.

HemmingMyWay takes you from heels to flats seamlessly, with it’s discreet design and simple directions that answer all your hemergencies. Fabric friendly and a cinch to apply. HemmingMyWay is equal opportunity and doesn’t discriminate between cotton, wool or denim. Just like us, it loves them all. Removable and reusable for at least 8 washes, giving you months of wear (especially for those who don’t wash their denim after every wear).

HemmingMyWay can be used on any style of jean or trouser (yes, skinny, straight, boot cut or flare). It is not only for women, nope… it is perfect for men’s apparel, as well as children still growing into their clothes. It is an absolute must have in your bridal kit and travel kit.

The good news doesn’t stop there, as this product does not hempty your wallet either!, HemmingMyWay is being sold exclusively on-line at www.HemmingMyWay.com for only $20.00!


  1. I think this product is pointless. You can never eliminate the need for professional alterations. No matter what I you should always have your pants tailored to fit you and the cost is only around 8 dollars. I don’t see how these button things will give you a hem that is clean and crisp. The hem will look bubbly unless you were to iron it at the fold but then that would defeat the purpose because when you elongated the hem you would see the crease. Just save yourself the 20 dollars and looking stupid and just go see a tailor. Even hem tape is a better product because it at least provides a CLEAN hem and you can use it on more than one pair of pants at a time.