True Religion Legging Style Jeans


I had to do a blog on these gorgeous jeans. The True Religion Rockstar Stella in 9 Lives Medium. They are a seriously hot pair of jeans, they are super stretchy, you can pull them on and off without using the button or zipper, they have stitching to look like pockets but are in fact faux pockets! They are like a denim legging, the comfort of a legging but they look like any other pair of True Religion, not to mention the wash is so pretty! I absolutely love these jeans! They are a must have. It also comes in the sexy, classic Rinse wash which I love.


  1. I have to get my hands on a pair of these to try, I just can’t imagine a pair of jeans this tight looking can fit like a pair of leggings! They are really cute though!

  2. These are really hot. But, they’re for slim ladies only!! I really don’t want to see those bloopy chicks stretching these to oblivion…

  3. Love to see you in those, Lorna!! I’d also like to see Megan Fox in them. She’d fill those quite nicely. I don’t want to hear her talk. I just want to see her in these pants.

  4. Lorna that’s so sweet you’re getting ’em, you should post pics to show everyone 🙂 They are gorgeous!!!

  5. I recently purchased the Twiggy jean from James online at and they just came in the mail. The fit looks similar to these TR’s except much more simple and in a black wash. I love them and they are much more comfortable than I imagined they would be.