Silver Jeans launches Men’s collection


Good News Guys!

Silver Jeans is revamping their men’s collection this fall. The new collection will be launched under the name Silver Co 925 Series Jeans. The new collection will feature a more vintage viewpoint, in hopes of distinguishing them from the women’s line.

The company president stated, “We felt we needed to step outside of where we were with the men’s product and create a new marketing identity for it. We sensed that guys were associating the brand with women’s jeans, so we want to separate the two brands and give men’s its own perspective.”

This movement towards a separate look for men and women seems to be becoming popular with designers, as brands like J Brand recently added this approach to their men’s line.

This new approach means that the jeans will feature rough edges, rough sewn, hand stamped labels and a more “masculine” look. There will be six styles, with a slightly higher price point of $85-$105, but the designer feels that these details are worth the price bump and the line has the ability to compete in the designer denim market. The line will be available this fall at The Buckle, then will expand to other retailers.

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