People’s Pride, a label that looks and does good

What if your jeans did more than just make you look good? People’s Pride, a denim brand launched in 2007, does just that. The label was founded by Carlyle Hanson, who wanted to create a lifestyle brand. One that was about more than just great fitting jeans. He wanted to found a brand that was based more on just artistic expression but also encourage thought, spirituality, enlightenment and ultimately uplift people.

These ideas have helped define the brand as it is today, one that continually pushes the norms through its unique condom pocket, which aims to promote HIV/AIDS awareness and promote safe sex. Other brand highlights include unique design elements and one of a kind packaging, as well as inclusion of inspirational literature.

The motto, “Take Pride in What You Wear” serves as the pillar of the brand. From the factories they use (which are eco-friendly), to their marketing campaign, this slogan is the motivation for nearly all decisions behind the brand.

While there are many great ideas behind the brand, the styles are both hip and unique. The latest collection features 9 different looks of jeans with trendy styles like straight and skinny legs, in an array of different washes with unique details.

Check out more information on the brand and see the rest of the styles on the People’s Pride website.


  1. Great stuff! Thank you Denimblog for this article. My girlfriends and I are the biggest followers and lovers of Peoples Pride jeans, and we truly testify that they fit the best, look the sexiest. I personally get complimented on them every time I go out! The hangtag is my bookmark not, it actually encouraged my to pick up a book and start reading again. Powerful stuff!!!!
    With Love,

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