Celebs in Denim: Rachel Bilson in studded denim jacket


After becoming a regular contributor to InStyle, Rachel Bilson shows she’s keeping up with the trends. She pairs her denim studded jacket with a flirty, girly floral dress and combat boots.

Images from Justjared.com


  1. I love rachel! too bad since her closet full of chanel bags, and vintage shoes got stolen, shes been dressing so.. how do I say this? BLAAHHH.

    Love her, but girl has got to claim that insurance money soon and get back to dressing like Rachel bilson!

  2. Come on guys the studded jacket and the god awlful boots and not to mentioned what she wore at the Vogue party …how she made fashion editor because what she’s been wearing looks like something from the 80’s and I beleve MC Hammer wants his outfit back ASP!!!