Celebs in Denim: Peter Andre in True Religion

Peter Andre & Children Catching A Flight At Heathrow Airport (USA AND OZ ONLY)

For all of you in the UK like me, Peter Andre, devoted daddy to his kids, was seen wearing True Religion jeans at Heathrow airport in London. This shouldn’t be a shock, True Religion seem to be his favourite brand. I know you can never believe what you read in the papers but I think I honestly feel sorry for Pete. He seems like a genuine, really nice guy and doesn’t want to speak out about his divorce with Katie Price so his kids wont read it when they are older. It really would benefit him right now to speak up but I understand why he isn’t. I never know what is true in the media but there are so many stories about Katie’s clubbing, new guys, bitchiness, drunkness… the latest is she slept with Alex Ried and his girlfriend is crushed, she bought him socks, aftershave and a kick boxing game for his birthday, whilst Katie bought him a car, she can’t compete with that and is heart broken. Divorce and breaking up is never easy and there are 2 sides to every story but based on what I have heard and what Katie told Piers Morgan about abusing Pete’s trust, I’m with Pete on this one. I know it’s not about taking sides but she seems to be digging herself a hole that is getting deeper and deeper by the day. I loved them both, I used to watch their reality TV show all the time and their kids are adorable. It’s sad to know they aren’t together anymore. I wonder when all of the reasons will reveal themselves?

Images courtesy of celebritybabyscoop.com

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