Celebs in Denim: Kevin Jonas in Levi’s


Kevin Jonas of The Jonas Brothers headed into Barneys New York in LA, wearing a pair of Levi’s jeans. Skinny, tight jeans seem to be really popular among the 3 brothers, I haven’t seen them wear anything but skinnys. Do you like The Jonas Brothers style?

Images courtesy of JustJaredJr.com


  1. who is that girl girl him?
    I thought he was engaged to some other haylie duff-look-a-like?

    shit, this is to much to keep up with.

  2. So there is a lot of hype with Levi denim! I see it everywhere. I might have to try it again. It has been a long time but they are really working on re-branding themselves. So far I am liking the styles, I will just have to see how it fits!

  3. He needs to ditch those shoes for sure! Levi’s aren’t bad as long as you find the right cut and size. I’m quite happy with the quality/fit of my slim and skinny jeans for the price. I’m talking about the 510 and 511 cuts.