Celebs in Denim: Denim Scene of T4 on the Beach


There were lots of performers wearing some hot (and not so hot) looking denim at T4 on the beach at Weston-Super-Mare, England. Taio Cruz looks to be wearing Dior Homme jeans, while Dizzy Rascal looks like he’s wearing Red Monkey jeans. Basement Jaxx is wearing some interesting looking white jeans, but I can’t say the same for Dan Smith of The Noisettes, his white jeans are at least 1 size too small and quite a few inches too short *shudder*… Peter Andre was there as well looking smoking hot as usual, but I’m not sure what jeans he is wearing.

Photos Courtesy of WireImage


  1. Oh my gosh they were so unlucky lol! It rained the whole day yesterday, literally tipping it down like buckets, they got so wet!! I was considering going as it’s only an hour away from me but I’m glad I never did lol!

  2. I’m sure when I was watching it Taio Cruz was wearing diesels. I’m fairly sure but…