Celebs in Denim: Bradley Cooper in Diesel


Bradley Cooper arrived at LAX to jet off first class on Saturday. He is wearing a pair of Diesel Viker 73I, these jeans are almost exactly like 8BK which are pretty old now so I don’t know if you can find them online anywhere to buy, you could definitely try the HonestMall, Viker 8BK jeans were quite popular when they came out. Having seen them in person I can say they are really nice too. I love all of the older Diesel washes, some of my favourite jeans are from older seasons, 81M, 89S, 71J, 61E etc.

Images courtesy of JustJared.com


  1. Actually those jeans are Viker 73I, and are available at Diesel Stores for Retail $170. 8BK was lighter, and had slight abrasions on the upper left thigh. Both washes do feature the same back pocket design.