Can you guess whose butt this is in Diesel?


Can you guess whose butt that is on the left in a pair of Diesel Thanaz 8SV? If you are a regular DeinmBlog reader, should be a piece of cake!

It’s Zac Efron!! I’m pretty sure you guessed right! He was out watching the new movie Bruno. His friend is also wearing a pair of Levi jeans. I’m actually pretty jealous of Zac right now, he has a really pretty 8SV wash. It’s one of those washes that varies, you can get a great pair or a not so great pair, when I bought them in Matic I ended up with the not so great pair which I then returned. I’m on the look out for a really hot pair. Him and Vanessa both have a really nice looking 8SV wash, so does Taylor Lautner.