White Denim Is Hot For Summer!


White Denim is making a huge come back this summer! All the celebs seem to be rocking a pair of white jeans, weather they are shredded, distressed, skinny or bootcut, white is the in colour right now! My personal favourites have to be by Siwy, J Brand, JET and Current/Elliott, they have brought out some really hot skinnys this season! Ashley Tisdale, Megan Fox, Kim Kardashian and even Cindy Crawford, just to name a few, are jumping on the white denim bandwagon. Are you breaking out your white jeans this summer?


  1. Kate Moss was already sporting white jeans in 05 and is still wearing them recently. unfortunately she wasn’t listed here. all of the it girls, only she can sell jeans!

  2. I think she used to be able to but lately she is looking rather bad, I hope she can make a turn around. Her Topshop line still does really well though.

  3. I keep seeing adorable white jeans like these and others and for the last week I just have to remind myself that my white 7 for all mankinds have been shipped. Coming tomorrow!

    Though a girl probably needs two pairs of white jeans, right?

  4. i don’t think Kate looks bad recently. have you seen her new candids when she had dinner with Mario? she look gorgeous!!!

  5. i forgot to say Kate still can sell products. many of her topshop dresses she wore were sold out very fast.

    btw, i wonder why many ppl who have fashion influence aren’t never/rarely posted here such as Kate Moss and Olsen Twins?

  6. Mainly because it’s extremely rare to find them in Denim, and since this is DenimBlog all we can blog about is denim. When we find them in denim we do try though 🙂

  7. that’d be great! Lorna, plz post all of your denim collection to readers. it’ll be great if you model all of them.

    awww, i can’t wait!

  8. Lol I can’t do that as the blog isn’t a place to post our own personal pictures 🙂 I have about 55 pairs so it would take a VERY long time too lol.

  9. ok, just model your top 3 fav jeans to readers. plzzzzzzzzzzz! ^_^

    i don’t think it’s inappropriate to post your personal pic. i mean we are sharing info. and sometimes, seeing the real ppl in jeans is much interesting than seeing celebs in jeans.

  10. i think ppl are shy to post their pics.

    it’s very nice of you to invite me to your buddylist on facebook but i swear to God i don’t have facebook account coz i had bad experience before so i cancelled it. so plz don’t think i’m rude to reject you. i’m not that kind of person.

    btw, if i can id Kate Moss and Olsen Twins’s jeans in their recent candids, could i email you?

    anyway, nice to talk with you. i’m glad we have a good time and have fun via this blog.

  11. Absolutely, if you can ID any denim they wear message me and tell me 🙂 I’d love to blog them. I’m not shy, I have posted SO many times on Honestforum and Authentic forum and DenimDNA, if you run a search with my username lorna17 you will find all my pics 🙂 I’m just kinda over the whole posting photos of myself lol. But feel free to find them all on HF and AF etc 🙂 Just run the search for threads made by lorna17 🙂

  12. aww, you’re so nice and helpful. i’ll go and have a check and of course be inspired. ^_^