Vanessa Hudgens does a photoshoot for Ecko Red

Here is a sneak peak behind the scenes of Vanessa Hudgens photoshoot for Ecko Red. I can’t say I’m too familiar with this brand at all but the pictures look pretty cute! Has anyone ever tried Ecko Red jeans?

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  1. Ecko is kind of a low-end, old-school brand that originally targeted young teens into hip-hop and street-wear. Its commonly carried at what used to be Robinsons-May and now Macy’s. I wouldn’t really consider it a premium denim or clothing brand :/

  2. The label of Mark(Marc?) Ecko Cut and Sew is considered a little higher up in terms of quality and price and is focused more on mainstream/trendy fashion (i.e. vests, embellished/embroidered button-ups, graphic tees/hoodies with foil, rhinestones, etc.). Also found at Macy’s and similar department stores.