Paris Hilton in NikiBiki Denim Printed Leggings


Paris Hilton arrived at Newark airport in a pair of NikiBiki Printed Denim Leggings. These leggings actually have a jeans print on them to make them look like real jeans! I can’t say I’m too fond of the Niki on the pocket but I think the idea behind this is a pretty creative one! I like it! I wonder if this will catch on? What do you think, is this look hot or not?

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  1. My niece had leggings much like these in the very late 80’s, even ’91 or ’92. The “jeans” print was a little more realistic, however. When Ms Hilton’s done with these, I hope that she’ll sell them on eBay for charity, or something. I hope that she doesn’t wash them first, though. ‘Cause I love helping charities…

  2. I think jeggings (jeans+leggings) are great for layering, if you wanted to wear a tunic over them i think they’d look great. Sometimes even skinny jeans might be too bulky to be used for layering… if you like the jeans-under-tunic look but not the jean feel, this is a great option. But as pants…not so much

  3. Rock & Republic has some coming out that look way better! 🙂 I think it’s a great trend for Fall.

  4. I love these jeggings! I tried on a pair right when this picture came out and loved them. They are made by Niki Biki, and just like the Niki Biki camisoles, these jeggingwont bag out or loose their shape after being worn all day. They are just as comfortable as leggings, but look exactly like perfect skinny jeans.