LOOK BOOK: Recession Denim Fall 09


Here is the Fall 09 Look Book for Recession Denim and a little bit about the brand.

New York, NY— June 2009 — Amidst the economic chaos, in September of 2008 creator/entrepreneur Daniella Siri, 25, set out to establish a premium-quality denim brand that offered irresistibly trendy, yet classic denim without the premium price tag. Thus Recession Denim was born.

Recession Denim is made with the mindset, “we’re in a recession thus the only jeans we need are the ones that always look great and will last a lifetime,” says Daniella.

Although the economic recession lingers, each pair of Recession Denim is made to outlast the hard times, so that you look good no matter what. Piece by piece, with quality, comfort + love, the Recession Brand team strives to help rebuild a strong + prosperous new world, one full of peace + tranquility.

In June 2009 Jaslene Gonzalez winner of America’s Next Model became the new spokes model for the Recession Denim 2009 campaign. Jaslene embodies all things that Recession Denim stands for.