Fine Art by T


Fine Art by T includes some denim peices decorated and painted by hand by Tina, some of her items include dragons, butterflies and other interesting designs. What do you think of her designs?

About Tina
“I have always found myself in art. I attended the High School of Fashion Industries in New York City, where I studied fashion merchandizing. My brother Jay Calderin is the Director of Creative Marketing & Special Projects (as well as a professor) at the School of Fashion Design in Boston. He is also the founder of Boston Fashion Week, as well as a photographer, and his work has been featured in Body & Soul magazine, Boston Globe, and many other periodicals.
At this stage of my life, I have found myself through art and creative expression once again, and my brother’s achievments in the world of fashion design have been my inspiration. My works have been featured in local high-end boutiques as well as in local magazines, and I am looking to expand my ventures through the internet. What I offer you are hand-painted designs and other artistic enhancements to your favorite garments. I also create impressionistic paintings using pastels, acrylics, and water colors to enhance your home. What I have featured on my website is but a small collection of my work, so if you see anything you like (or if you have something personal you want created), then please feel free to contact me.”