Cutting Cost With Cotton


Denim is a wardrobe staple and this can be contributed in part, to the fact that it is made from cotton. With the economy being what it is, people want to get the most from their investments, denim included. A new technology has been released, called “Storm Denim”, which makes denim water-repellant but still keeps the look. Storm denim allows for water repellance but doesn’t compromise breathability, details or wash. It also decreases the frequency of washes. Plus, the water repellance will cut back on messy spills and stains, therefore preserving your jeans even longer. The new Storm Denim technology is also practical, whether you get caught in the rain walking home from work, or your job frequently exposes you to the elements, now you’ll be dry! Check out the video here. It’s technology like this, that shows denim will be around for years to come.