Celebs in Denim: Zac Efron in Double Denim


Zac Efron attended the premier of ‘The Hangover’ whilst wearing a denim shirt with his April 77 jeans. This Double Denim look is becoming very popular now. We saw Zac in another Double Denim outfit before. Do you like the Double Denim look? I have to say I am warming to it, when worn right.

Images courtesy of justjaredjr.com


  1. I’d say like this is looks pretty good. I think the look can be pulled off with very dark, non-distressed denim and very light colored, non-distressed denim (white, grey, beige/khaki). Of course this all depends on the shade of the shirt/jacket as well.

  2. I agree with you. It works when you have very different tones/shades of denim. If you have similar blues, it’s a huge clash and looks silly 🙂

  3. totally dig the look. Good thing that he paired the skinny jeans with a loose fitting denim shirt. I guess if they were both tight, it would have been too gay. Like the shoes too.