Celebs in Denim: Serena Williams in Diesel


Tennis star Serena Williams was seen doing some shopping at a True Religion store in Robertson Blvd in LA, wearing a pair of Diesel jeans. I think these are probably a more flattering pair to suit her figure as they are high waisted. I wonder which TRs she bought?

Images courtesy of justjared.com


  1. Of course she did and she knows it as she did it on purpose knowing what would happen as she was looking for a way to get the hell away from the butt kicking she was getting,,In the past the Williams sisters are well known for faking injuries and other antics to exit a match they knew they couldn’t win//Watching the match anyone could see kim was just too good for a slow and clumsy Serena who only got this far with the help of an easy draw,, Serena knew she couldn’t fake an injury it would be like indian Wells all over again so she decided to make a scene expecting to be disqualified and probably get fined a couple of bucks//Man i hope they keep her pay and keep her from playing all slams in 2010 but they should kick her out of the sport entirely because if it was anyone else that’s what would happen.the Williams are ruining the WTA, they are just too damn dumb////

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