Celebs in Denim: Jonathan Rhys Meyers in True Religion

Oh YUM! Jonathon Rhys Meyers was seen shopping at Fred Segal wearing True Religion Jeans. I could drool over these pics all day, except for those purple shorts he has sticking out the back of his jeans! Purple underwear? Hmmm it looks so strange for him to have that sticking out! His whole outfit looks so “manly” with his rugged good looks, then purple underwear??? Maybe the lighting is off and they are pink and he accidentally threw in a red shirt with his whites or something… heh.

Photos Courtesy of Gossipgirls


  1. Well, I know the sentiment on HF is that TRs on guys should be worn slightly looser. I think his pair look okay, but would probably look better just one size up. Something about the style and stitching of TR jeans just looks better when worn tighter on girls and slightly looser on guys IMO.

  2. rugged looking tighter jeans on men = manly (reminds me of cowboys who wear their jeans fitted)

    clean wash tight skinny (tapered leg) jeans on men = not so manly (my opinion)

    Either way, he is hot 🙂

  3. I think he’s wearing women’s jeans… look at the tag and also the back pockets… can anyone confirm this please…. anyway…. they look damn good on him… King Henry VIII

  4. Heck, he’d look good in anything. With or without! Seen him in the Tudors without?? Damn fine body.

  5. Lin i was gonna say the exact same thing lol. Besides I dont really apreciate true religion brand, especially for men… But i Love jhonny and I think he looks hot(except for the way he dresses)