Re Published – A Tribute To Michael Jackson


Michael Jackson was not just the king of pop. He inspired many designers when creating their clothes, he was a style icon, he made a statement and had a place in the fashion world. I wanted to do a tribute to Michael now he has sadly passed away on the 25th June 2009.


Michael Jackson’s style has always been very ‘out there’, since he was little and a member of the Jackson 5 he was very fashionable, with his bell bottom jeans, platform shoes and printed tops but Michael has always kept his outfits smart. Even when he wasn’t very well a while ago and was spotted in his pyjamas he had still paired those pyjama bottoms with a blazer and white top, he always kept a very smart appearance. His military inspired jackets have always been a huge trademark and believe or not, this is what inspired Balmain to create such military looking clothing which celebs such as Beyonce, Lindsay Lohan, Rihanna and of course Michael himself are all wearing.


He had his jackets designed and made for him just the way he wanted them, his style has had such an affect on the fashion world today. As he grew up his style changed with him and he gained a individual look. His outfit for ‘Billie Jean’ – the white socks and black shoes with tapered black trousers – became a very well known, world wide hit in fashion, his sparkly white glove also is something everybody knows today and always will. Michael’s red jacket for his video ‘Thriller’ had taken everybody by storm! Everybody just had to get their hands on a red jacket just like he had. His clothing for ‘Bad’ had changed style a bit, the leather and the chains, Michael went for a more bad boy look. I could go on forever and ever naming Michael’s outfits and how he changed and inspired fashion but I am sure I don’t need to, everyone is aware of how he dressed and how he had his own look. Michael was never afraid to express himself through his outfits, he took risks and the majority of the time they worked, people just knew he had a crazy unique sense of style and that is what everyone loves to copy.


Michael was also going to release a clothes line with Ed Hardy to be sold at Kitson, they were at the begining of the process, designing and sorting things out, I can’t comment on this line as I don’t know if it got released, I have never seen any clothing from his range.


Michael Jackson was not just a singer, he was truly the king of pop, a gentleman, a huge charity worker. When he released ‘The Earth Song’ and ‘Heal the World’, he wanted the world to be a better place for everyone, unfortunately now he can’t carry on that work but we should still know and respect that and help continue looking after the world. Whenever you see Balmain Military clothes I’m sure you will always remember Michael Jackson. Our condolences to the family and friends, you will be missed sadly, but much like Elvis, Michael will be remembered forever and ever, he will still always be alive in our minds. Rest in peace Michael Jackson.


  1. This looks great! I had no idea he was going to release a clothing line with Ed Hardy. I love that he’s still had such an impact on fashion, even now. Great post!

  2. dear michael j,

    is really sad to find out that one day your here but the other your not. all your fans incloding me are really going to miss you. michael evem though i never got to meet you in real life i always liked you . me and my brother liang woo always wanted to see you in real life but i guess that is never going to happen. but we will always have you in our minds and hearts because you are our true heroe.michael even though your gone from our lives we will always have you and your music in our heart. we will always remember you as our only true “king of pop” my bless goes to you and your family and children. my brother liang will always remember you as his only heroe and he will always love you. i hope were ever you are you will always remember that everybody will never ever forget about you.
    tammy woo and liang woo.
    we loveeeeeeeeeeeee you!


    I have read in some internet sites that u r still alive n that someone bumped at u n had d chance to talk to u. Well i hope that u really r alive. But i wanna tell u something..

    I know that being d king of pops gives u a lot of pressure. u won’t enjoy u’r life 2 d fullest. But michael, u don’t have 2 be d person they want u 2 be. U don’t have 2 wear a mask in front of the people around d world. Being u, urself is what makes u unique, what makes u pure. We r very different from one another. U don’t have to think of what others may say with what u do or what u like. I mean come on, nobody in this world owns ur life, only God does. So get ur feet on d ground, love those who loves u. If some people hates u then be it, u’r u n they’re them. Changing d real u won’t make u happy. I know that living in this world with people saying that they love u won’t assure u that they will ti’ll ur worst times. But u know there r still people out there that loves you very much even at ur worst nightmares. Some that u have met n some that u haven’t yet. Although saying these seem like talking to u, there’s still a part in my heart saying that u r not here anymore. i can’t stop crying n regretting d days that i never realized that i was a lovingly fan of urs. It’s like my heart’s gonna burst. I had never cried for someone whose an idol like these before, but u. Now that it’s 2 late i’ve realized that u’r d only idol that i adored so much. But if u r really alive n reading this now. Please some back. Come back 2 us who loves u very much. We need u. We need u 2 stand for d people. We need u because we love u. We’re here 2 back u up. Come back michael, u r not alone, just look around u u’ll see d people who really cares n understands u. How can we change the wolrld for a better place if u’r not here with us? u said that heaven can wait but where r u now? Come back. We love u so much. Come back michael. This is in behalf of the people who really loves u. Think about the people who will become the next generation. I really hope n pray that u r still alive n i am willing 2 share d span of my life 2 u.

    -(GASGA) Neliel-

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