CLOSED – WIN a FREE pair of jeans of your choice from Singer22 up to $250!!

Singer22 have given you lovely DenimBlog readers the chance to win a free pair of jeans from them, up to the value of $250!! You can choose which pair you would like from any brand they have. Maybe you would like Current/Elliott, Dylan George, Siwy or J Brand, as seen on all the hot celebs right now like Ashley Tisdale, Megan Fox, Vanessa Hudgens? Anything you wish, it’s up to you! To enter this fantastic competition from Singer22, all you have to do is: Post a comment (with a valid email address in the email box) on this blog with your name and the winner will be selected by Singer22 at random. Good Luck!! The competition closes on 15th June.


  1. The only thing that I have ever won was a stuffed animal from a Skill Crane machine ~~~~ Pick ME please!! I NEED new jeans!

  2. i like the fit of ashley tisdale’s jeans on her. Choose me i need of new jeans. that will be a good birthday gift, it’s around my birthday

  3. Please pick me! I love those jeans! They look so fab on Ashley. I would love those jeans. Plus, it’s close to my birthday! yeah yeah ? 🙂

  4. I’m leaving soon to study in Botswana for a month where I’ll be working on vaccine development and AIDS research, and I’d love to come back to the States with a new pair of jeans waiting for me.

  5. Please pick me! I am a young student with a low budget and expensive taste. I love singer22, I can’t afford much but I love to browse and watch for trends and new brands. I am a huge fan of Siwy jeans, i own one pair so far. I would probably buy another pair if chosen. 🙂

  6. Up to 250$? I’m sure that I will find something to my taste…or the taste of my GF ^^

  7. i really think there ought to be more people gunning for this prize. whatever, better chances for us

  8. Hi! I would love, love, love to be able to pick my fave styles. I am a denim addict, could never do without jeans, and these pairs are to die for. This is a great giveaway, and I hope I’m the fortunate one.

  9. Oh I really really want some Siwy Hannah jeans in Snowstorm … I have been dreaming about them ever since I first saw them!!! … I just can’t afford them.

    (I don’t know if my email address is in the box cause there is no box… it’s …)

  10. Thanks so much for offering this contest in this tough economy. Please enter me in the contest. Would love to win any of these jeans!

    Amy (Flint, MI)

  11. Oh man, the stress of “jeans of your choice” might just be too much. Too many awesome options…how could a girl choose?!?!!

    I think I’m up for it though. I need a challenge.

    Thanks! 🙂

  12. :O so many comments. Eh, its memorial day, i’ll take a “stab” at it 😀

    good luck everyone!

  13. I’ve recently lost a lot of weight and have therefore had to get rid of most of my jeans and start from scratch. Finances are tough, so this would be a great way for me to get a new pair of jeans for my empty wardrobe! 🙂

  14. OMG OMG OMG!! I cannot get enough of all these denim contests!! I am absolutely DYING for a pair of Dylan George or Current/Elliot.
    Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please
    Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please
    Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please
    Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please
    Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please PleasePlease Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Pick me! =)
    Thank you for having contests like this. I absolutely love this site and has given me great tips of new denim to look after.

  15. Entering on behalf of my sister, hoping to win her something for her bday! **crosses finger**

  16. Hi

    You wouldnt believe me when I say I stalk your website atleast 10 times a day. I love fashion especially denim more then anything in the world. Im sure you hear this 10 fold each day. But I truely mean it. I know every jean that every celeb wears, from Ashley Tisdale in Siwy jeans (mypersonal favorite) to Lindsay Lohan in PRVCY. I saved for 4 months to buy AG’ crop ex boyfriend jeans. I wear them all the time, the holes are beginning to expand larger then normal haha. I love denim just wish I could afford it. I would do anything for a pair of siwy jeans. I save for months at a time just to buy one pair. I live on my own and pay rent which is the majority of my paycheck, so desinger jeans really arent in the cards. Im aspiring to be a buyer, so fashion is in my blood. To win this money would be incredible. I would feel sexy and confident in my designer jeans. Id wear them constantly, to bed even haha! I would truely be greatful for the free denim, I am not someone with tons of desinger clothing (or any for that matter), and Id appreciate it tons! If you pick me id cherish my denim, that sounds corney but I would. Thanks for this oppurtunity.


  17. It says to enter you have to “post a comment on this blog.” does that mean, you could post a comment on any posting in the blog, or to submit a valid entry you must comment in reply to this particular entry?

    Either way, love this blog! 🙂

  18. Craving a new pair of Current/Elliott’s! Just had a baby, so a new pair would be perfect when I lose the last few pounds 😉

  19. Hi,

    A denim junkie… is what truly defines me.
    I have about 30 pair of tops but about 78 pair of jeans.. and still wanting more.
    My friends think im insane, cuz the world’s rule is bout having more tops than bottoms. If there is a pair that cathces my eye, or a brand that i might not have, i cant sleep at night. I cant focus on anything till i buy the pair and stock it in my cupboard.
    I sleep in denim, travel wearing denim, work wearing denims. I have most of the top brands such as 7FAM, Earnest Sewn, R&R, True Religion, Diesel, Prps, Replay etc.
    But even after all these pairs, i still yearn for more.
    I stay in india, and in my country there are no true denim outlets. But somehow I make trips abroad to just shop for denim, so I manage to get a pair.
    I dread the fact that there are no outlets for Diesel, 7FAM etc..

    I am wanting a pair of Dylan George desperately and i know that DB is the only blog that can make my wish come true because this is the true blog for denim addicts…. well denim junkies..

  20. Hello!

    I just was introduced to your website and it is quite amazing! I am a college student trying to acheive my dreams to become a fashion stylist/merchandiser. It is part of my job to be on top of the styles, but sometimes it can be hard an overwhelming with the type of budget I have. I know it sounds cliche, but if I could get these jeans, it would make me feel much better about pursuing my career because I would feel confident that I looked as good as my clients!

    Thanks so much!

  21. Please oh please pick me!
    I need a pair oh so much! I need them badly being a broke college student and not being able to buy denim as much as I used to sucks! I miss the life before college and when my money was able to be used on other items besides rent, bills, rent, bills, food, and did I mention rent? So please take a chance on a college student who is in some dire need of new denim!

  22. I just lost 20 pounds and would love some new jeans to show off!


  23. I’ve got a problem, a denim problem,

    ………and the only solution is more (free!) denim!

  24. I’m really loving Tisdale’s look above…..I would love it even more if I were lucky enough to win a pair of jeans!!! I am college student with lots of bills, a budget, and expensive taste which is a bad combination! What can I say I love fashion, probably a good thing that’s what I’m studying.

    I haven’t really ever won anything so I’m not quite sure how lucky I’ll get on this one, but congrats to whoever the lucky winner is if it can’t be me!

  25. PLEASE pick me!!! I just got married and my husband won’t let me get my denim ‘fix’… Denim Blog and Singer 22 can keep this marriage alive:)

  26. I’m giving up my summer to learn languages and math.

    …I think I deserve a little pick me up 🙂

  27. Singer22 is such a lovely website! I often browse through the gorgeous clothes and dream away~~ sigh..

  28. Oh, I love these jeans (Ashley Tisdale)! They are so cute. Crossing all my fingers for a chance to win these or any of the others. Thanks = ).

  29. Please, I love to collect some jeans and I would like to have another Current Elliot on my collection, especially the Boyfriend jeans or the skinny. Perhaps J Brand that I don’t have. I figure out that I have over 20 pairs of designer jeans.

  30. All of my jeans are cost $5 to $8 each, i never owned a $250 jeans, oh my! thats a lot of money, i wish i can earned that money within a week. BTW i live here in the Philippines, even though i saved money to buy a pair of Current/Elliot jeans, that name is no where to be found in the malls here. Pick me Singer22 i will treasure that jeans with all my heart.

    Maybe that jeans will be my good luck charm in my first year in med school. thank you and hope to pick me.

  31. i just loose 55 pounds, now I’m 100 pounds and this site really inspired me to loose such weight. just really want to fit on those skinny jeans that i bought last year. so maybe a Dylan George skinny jeans will look great on me.

    thank you and god bless you Singer22 and

    pick me pls.

  32. I’m a college student living on a style-less campus–new denim infusion and major exam-ownage are in desperate need…perhaps more the former! X (Joey)

  33. *On knees!*
    *Pwetty Pweeze!*

    *On knees!*
    *Pwetty Pweeze!*

    *On knees!*
    *Pwetty Pweeze!*

    *On knees!*
    *Pwetty Pweeze!*

    *On knees!*
    *Pwetty Pweeze!*

    *On knees!*
    *Pwetty Pweeze!*

    <3 -Lynsey(Zee) Leigh- xoxox
    (AKA: Hipslikemonroe)


  34. OMG Please pick me!!! Dying for a pair Dylan George! PLEASE PLEASE!!
    Thank you for offering this Singer22 and Denimblog.

  35. I have always wanted to own a pair of Siwy jeans, but sadly cannot afford them and can’t find them in my size when they go on sale. I would love to get a new pair to wear everyday and show off to everyone!

  36. I LOVE those dylan george & current/elliot jeans that everyone is wearing…I’d love to have a pair. Pick me please! 🙂

  37. wow! huge thanks to denim blog and singer 22 for offering this giveaway to your readers *crosses fingers*