The Paige Premium Skyline Trend

jessica lowndes 030509

So many celebs have been seen in Paige Premium Skyline skinny jeans. These are becoming really popular as a celeb favourite skinny jean. Many of these gorgeous ladies like Lauren Conrad and Isla Fisher have these jeans in other washes as well. Pretty much most of these celebs who own them have been spotted more than once in their skyline skinnys too! I own a pair and I definitely know why celebs love them, they are so flattering and the perfect skinny jean. If you don’t like the higher rise you can opt for the Blue Heights skinny which is a lower rise, it still comes in many washes and different leg openings, 10″,12″ & 14″.


  1. I really like Jessica Lowndes’ look!
    Lorna, were the winners of the Paige Skyline jeans contest ever announced? I have been checking denim blog every day and I haven’t seen anything. I wonder if I missed it…..

  2. Hi,
    No they haven’t been announce yet, I’m awaiting the winners back from Paige, it should be either today or in a couple of days. Don’t worry you didn’t miss it yet 🙂 Good luck!!