Special Edition: Models in Denim

This is a special edition specifically for one of our readers who loves models in denim! “Le Smokin” has requested more models in denim, so we tried to find as many pictures as we could of some of the lesser known models in denim (not modeling denim). I can’t ID any of these jeans, but I can ID the models 🙂 We have Daria Werbowy, Christine Teigen, Jarah Mariano, Jaslene Gonzalez, and Melanie Maudran. I hope you enjoy the pics!

Photos Courtesy of WireImage


  1. thank you, Liznie. if you don’t mind that i give you french kiss in return. ^_^ Daria looks so cool in her jeans!

  2. I figured you would like Daria the most 🙂 I wish I could have found more models for you though 🙂 You are very welcome 🙂