ONVIS True Denim Stories


ONVIS is a very different brand to the rest. Normal denim companies you just buy your jeans from them and that is it, with ONVIS it is very unique. They offer their Blue Virgin collection of raw selvage denim at just 63 Euros each. They want you to wear your raw jeans in hard so that you create a lot of wear and make your jeans unique, giving them contrasting fades, even rips and holes. Once you are done with your jeans and they look fantastic, ONVIS want to see your jeans story, you can either send them back to their company or send them pictures. They create their other jeans, ONVIS True Stories, by selecting a pair of worn in raw denim that they like the look of and re-creating it in a completely brand new denim for a limited edition line. If your jeans are selected to be re-created then you can earn up to 5,000 Euros in royalties (1 Euro for each pair sold)! Wow. The fabric they use is premium selvage denim, made in Italy in vintage shuttle looms from the 30’s, last century. The true stories jeans are washed always in Italy by a secret atelier in the north east of the country. You can buy Onvis’s Blue Virgin and True Stories collection online for men and women and they ship worldwide!

Here are some snippets from their website about the jeans they have chosen to re-create so far.

Nicol├▓ is a well known photographer who travels around the world. He used a pair of ONVIS during his trips. He was immortalizing real stories while he and his jeans were living as one. After 2,4 years of adventures he gave them back to us with a great used look. We reproduced the same mood on our collection for this brand new style – M0701 NICOLO’ – edition I – 11 Oz.

Janson is an architect that lived and worked in Paris for some years. Now she’s travelling around the world to carry new experiences and plenty of new ideas. On this last trip she visited so far: China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Australia, japan. Only 5.000 pieces will be sold worldwide to give this garment a chance to live more with you.

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