New Denim Brands: Cult of Individuality


Great News Guys! Cult of Individuality just launched a collection of men’s jeans meant to look like your favorite old pair. That pair you’ve worn in perfectly, that you just can’t part with, they’re more than just jeans, but also a memory book too. Cult of Individuality also incorporates classic cuts, and Japanese denim in simple, un-embellished styles. The price point starts at $125, so you can grab a couple pairs.



  1. Uhh, “Cult of Individuality” should have been called Cult of 8 years too late. I love how these guys are trying to push the budget pricing, while still trying to maintain the same “trend” denim “vintage” style washes we’ve seen over and over again from every denim line. I give these guys 2 seasons, and even still we’ll all be like, “Who? Never heard of them”

  2. Hello,
    Thank you. We value all feedback and respect all opinions. However, one key point is that fashion is a cyclical trending business. Every 5-10 years, trends resurface.

    Not to mention that most trendy fashion savvy consumers who are not living under a rock or in a cave somewhere, can see all of Hollywood wearing vintage, distressed denim. Just open a magazine, any magazine ,watch television, watch a music video or go to the movies, a person can see all the celebrities sporting this look. Hollywood drives the fashion industry!

    Fashion is an individual’s expression of his or her own personality! One should not succumb to the peer pressures of society. Be a leader not a follower. Be true to yourself and your personality and own sense of style. Express your individuality!

    Cult of individuality