Indigo Magic – Jeans Wash Formula


If you have ever been asked a question “How should I wash my jeans?” then Indigo Magic came up with the perfect solution – Indigo Magic – Jeans Wash Formula!
Being jeans enthusiasts themselves, they wanted to create a product that one could simply use to wash their jeans – whether they are the old favs or a brand new celebrity label pair – without worrying and stressing over the process.

Indigo Magic – Jeans Wash Formula:
– A formula which is safe for jeans
– Delicate
– Contains only a minimum amount of a softener, which lets it achieve a better handfeel for post- wash jeans
– Easy to use in a sachet
– Perfect for all types of jeans – from your raws to vintage washed

The sachet size is 80ml and the formula has been clinically tested and approved for sale (the webpage is under construction and so far it contains just the minimum information)