Floral Printed Denim Leggings


So we started with leggings, then colourful printed leggings, then denim leggings and now printed colourful denim leggings. ASOS have released a pair of floral printed denim leggings and they are a best seller! They feature 2 back pockets just like a pair of jeans. I think they look pretty cute on the model. I wonder what will be next? What is your take on these floral jeggings?

What do you think of floral print denim leggings?

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  1. same here, but mine had cats playing in the flowers….

    I love 80s style, but this is a little much. I like modernizing old fashion ideas so they are new again, but I am not big on just recycling trends without updating them. I will admit, though, that I want a denim vest like this one!


  2. I love floral print on pretty much everything, but not so sure about floral print on jeans or pants in general. I feel like a leggy, skinny model can pull it off but maybe not the rest of us, haha. The high waisted coupled with the floral kind of puts it over the edge for me too.