CLOSED! DenimBlog Exclusive: Win a pair of Paige Premium Denim Skyline Jeans!


Paige Premium Denim would like to award 5 Lucky DenimBlog readers, yep you read correctly, 5! with a pair of Paige Skyline jeans of your choice. These jeans come in numerous washes and four leg openings: 10″ Super Peg, 12″ Peg, 14″ Skinny as well as the ankle peg length. Skyline fans include Lauren Conrad, Isla Fisher, Selena Gomez, Gwen Stefani and Rachel Bilson. 5 winners representing Paige’s 5 celebrity skyline fans.

All you need to do for your chance to be one of the 5 lucky winners in this fantastic competition is: Post a comment on this blog with a valid email address (in the email box) and your name, answering this question: Who is your favourite celebrity Paigeaholic? And which celebrity would you love to see next in Paige?

The competition will close on May 25th and the winners will be selected by the Paige team at random.

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  1. My favorite Paigeaholic is Rachel Bilson because she always has such great style and makes the jeans look great. I would like to see Kate Beckinsale in Paige next. She is beautiful, classy, and would look great in Paige jeans.

  2. My favorite Paigeaholic is Isla Fisher, because she has a different look for different occasions and moods, but she never fails to include her signature style, which is a very put together look with a sloppy touch.I love her style.

    The celebs I would love to see next in Paige are mainly Drew Barrymore, whose style has really evolved, and Sophia Bush, who has a very classy and sexy style.

  3. My favorite Paigeaholic would have to be Isla Fisher. Isla looks so cute in the skinnies and her style all together is so cute! I absolutely adore the Skyline Ankle Peg and Paige are my favorite premium denim!

  4. My fav Paige a holic (besides me-love her jeans!) is Isla Fisher. She has a great style on her figure and wear Paige a lot. Would love to add another pair of Paige’s to my collection. So far my favorites are my Cloverdale in Tuscan with the leather flap pocket detail. Love!

  5. I actually like Lauren Conrad (though I couldnt care less for her show)- her style is always simple and she can accessorize very well. Paige jeans look great on her body!
    I would love to see Megan Fox wear Paige Jeans because she has a very fun style and she seems to live in denim!

  6. My favorite Page-a-holic is Rachel Bilson because she accessorizes them perfectly with a hobo bag, cute shoes and a casual top. I love how she pulls a look together.

  7. Isla Fisher is my favorite Paigeaholic because she always looks so adorable and sweet and her jeans always look amazing. I would like to see Miley Cyrus in Paige because I think that they are age appropriate and would look great on her. πŸ™‚

  8. Gwen Stefani is my absolute favorite because nothing she does is ordinary. She can be a little off the wall sometimes, but she’s always true to her style. More Gwen!!

  9. My favorite Paigeaholic is Lauren Conrad. I would like to see Blake Lively next in Paige Demin.

  10. My favorite Paigeaholic must be Isla Fisher, the shopaholic herself. Absolutely love the Paigeaholic jeans specifically made because of the movie. How wonderful would it be to have a different pair of Paiges for movies like that?

    I would love to see Megan Fox in Paiges more often.

  11. My favorite Paigeaholic would have to Rachel Bilson. I love her style and I think she looks great in whatever she’s wearing, whatever the occasion. I would like to see Vanessa Hudgens in Paige.

  12. Isla Fisher looks fabulous in Paige denim and is by far my favorite Paigeaholic! I love how she plays around with her denim to create different unique styles. We’ve seen her laid back in boyfriend jeans and dressed up sexy in skinnies. She’s even pulled off the rocker look with black skinny jeans and she’s tried white denim as well. She seems to have a denim palette that is suited for any style, thanks to Paige Premium Denim. She is one hot mama in her Paige, I must say!

    I’ve worn Paige denim for years and the denim is of superior quality, style and fit. Plus there’s a style and a wash for every occasion! Put simply, there is no other denim that can compare. The Blue Heights Skinny jean is my go to pair, so I know that I would adore a pair of Skyline Peg jeans!

    I would love to see Vanessa Hudgens in Paige. I think that she pulls skinny jeans off so perfectly. She is also a big fashion icon for me, as I love her edgy, boho style.

    Thanks so much for this opportunity and your time! -Jeannakay

  13. my favorite paige-aholic is isla fisher, because she manages to balance the role of cool celebrity and down-to-earth-momwhile still looking great in her paige jeans! plus, she’s got a great body that “normal” girls can strive for, and seems to have a great sense of humor in interviews.

    i think kate winslet would be a great fit for paige jeans, since they work super well on girls with a few curves. she’s got classic style, and i can totally see her rocking a pair of paige jeans with a cute little top, or a tailored blazer.

  14. My favorite celebrity Paigeaholic is Britney Spears. Does she rock her Paiges with the same edge as Rachel Bilson or Isla Fisher? Not quite. Sometimes her Paiges are too baggy and often they drag on the floor unhemmed. Despite her frequent fashion faux pas, she’s the Queen Bee of celebs. Britney Spears has defined the comeback. Her song “Piece of Me” says it all. Even during the divas darkest hours, the public adores Britney. She has a style all her own and she’s the girl who we love to hate and love to love.

    I would love to see Blake Lively from Gossip Girl in Paige Skylines. I picture her in 12″ Mckinleys with bronze sandals and a creme lace detailed tunic, with shimmering burgundy chandelier earrings.

  15. My favorite Paigeaholic is Lauren Conrad. I would like to see Lindsay Lohan in Paige next.

  16. My favorite Paigeaholic is Isla Fisher, not only because she wears the brands that sponsor her, but she has amazing style and timeless beauty.

    I’d like to see Blake Lively in Paige’s.

  17. my favorite paige-aholic is isla fisher. she is adorable i love her cute yet relaxed style. i’d like to see christina aguilera in paige denims!

  18. lauren conrad is my favorite celeb paige-aholic. i would like to see jessica biel in paiges!

  19. Lauren Conrad, she looks amazing in all her outfits. I would love to see Heidi Montag in Paige jeans, only because she would rock it, not because of what she does in her spare time.

  20. My favorite celeb Paige-a-holic is Isla Fisher but I also like Hayden Panettiere when she wears Paiges. I am petite like her and I always thinks she looks cute. I would love to see Salma Hayek in Paige’s because she has a great booty and Paige’s look great on everyone’s backside.

  21. My favorite Paigeaholic is Gwen Stefani! She is getting the colored denim that just launched this past week! I would also love to see Jennifer Lopez become a Paigeaholic… her butt is already awesome, I can only imagine what Paige would do for it!!

  22. My favorite Paigeaholic celeb is Isla Fisher. She is often photographed with her daughter in the playground or running errands wearing Paige Jeans. She is super cute and seems so carefree in her Jeans. I would love to see Jen Aniston in a pair of Paige Skyline dark jeans wearing a pair of summer sandals. I think she is the ultimate California girl, casual but always put together.
    P.S. I love Paige Jeans so much that I just ordered Paige’s book and can’t wait to read it.

  23. My favorite Paigeaholic celeb is Nicole Richie. I love how she wears Paige so effortlessly chic.
    I would love to see Lauren Conrad wear more paige and also Vanessa Hudgens as well as all celebrities in general! Gotta love Paige!

  24. My favorite Paigeaholic is Rachel Bilson. She often dresses casually, but it doesn’t look messy – she looks clean, put together, and stylish. Something I strive to be, even if I don’t always make it!

    I would love to see Cameron Diaz in Paige denim because her long legs would look AMAZING! Plus she has a beautiful chic style.

  25. my favorite celebrity paigeaholic is isla fisher because she looks amazing in all the paige jeans that she wears! i would love to see jennifer lopez wear paige jeans because i haven’t seen paige jeans on curvier celebrities that much and i think paige jeans would make jennifer lopez’s butt look even better! =)

  26. My favorite Paige-wearing celeb is Lauren Conrad. Love her style. Though I’d love to see Rashida Jones in Paige…she’s another “real” girl who isn’t too skinny and has a cute casual fashion sense.

  27. Entering this contest; hope to surprise my girlfriend with a pair of Paiges.
    I really like seeing Lauren Conrad as well in Paige because she wears it very well and it seems to fit her like a glove. Plus she’s hot. πŸ˜‰ I’d really want to see Beyonce in Paige! She has a great figure and I think Paige would make her look more stunning than she already is.

  28. My favorite Paigeaholic is probably Gisele Bundchen. She’s not posted above, but I’ve seen her in some fabulous Paige shorts, skyline ankle skinny jeans, a pair of casabalas, and others—-all of which I deeply covet. Paige jeans are timeless and super-flattering and I would love to add another pair to my denim collection!

  29. My favorite Paigeaholic celeb is Rachel Bilson. She’s someone I can relate to by not being super tall and super skinny. But, she knows her body and rocks all styles of Paiges and knows how to accessorize to boot! I would love to see Vanessa Hudgens in Paiges, because she also has fabulous fashion sense and seems to love her denim. But, I haven’t seen her in Paige and think she would look great in them!

  30. My favorite Paigeaholic celeb is Rachel Bilson. I love her style- its always a mix with good accessories! I would love to see Cameron Diaz in Paige- I love her laid back style and I think that Paige jeans would match that!

  31. My favourite Paigeaholic has to be Rachel Bilson. She’s so cute, and she does casual-chic like no other. I’d love to see Blake Lively in some Paige jeans, she also has a really fresh style and a great body.

  32. My favorite Paigeaholic would have to be Lauren Conrad because she can pull off any look with a pair of paige jeans. From going out to lunch to being airport comfy, she can look stylish doing anything because of her paige jeans.

    I would like to see Taylor Swift in Paige next because she could definitely put the skyline peg in all of her cute cowboy boots!

  33. My favorite Paige-a-holic is Definitely Isla Fisher!! She wears them TONS truly epitomizing the “paigeaholic” and she constantly looks fabulous, casual, and fully put together in them- which is what Paige is all about! Plus her little one is adorable!
    I’d like to see any celebs in Paige who have a little bit more of a figure, like me! I love seeing those who are more representative of myself than those who are all size 23s. I know that Paige fits everyone quite well so it would be nice to see that displayed! My first choice in celebrity would be Mandy Moore. Because she is my absolute favorite πŸ™‚

  34. Probably the best (and cutest)”Paigeaholic” is Isla Fisher! she is constantly being photographed wearing Paige! Always looking fresh, casual and put together!
    I absolutly love the Paige Skyline jeans, they can be worn casual and dressy and would look adorable on almost any body type…especially the ankle length with high heeled boots in the fall! I think the next celebrity who should rock these jeans is Kim Kardashian. She is a hot, curvy woman and would look absoultly stunning wearing these with a pair of patent heels!!!

  35. My favorite Paigeaholic (who unfortunately, was not mentioned on the list above) is without a doubt,Hayden Panettierre. I love Hayden’s clean style and the understated elegance of Paige complements her like none other! Hayden looks amazing in Paige and as a fellow shortie, I love how Paige looks great on us shorter women. Hayden has rocked many washes and styles of Paige and generally looks good in most denim.
    I think Jessica Alba would looks great in Paige and I think it would really suit her style because Jessica isn’t so into loud, flashy pockets and always has the best casual looks.

  36. My favorite Paigeaholic is Rachel Bilson. I love the way she pulls outfits together and I LOVE her style. I would like to see Megan Fox in more Paige because I think she has great style and can pull any look off.

  37. my favorite paigeaholic is hayden panettiere. i am very petite and it is nice to see that not all people have to be skinny long-legged models to look good in denim.

  38. My favorite Paigeaholic is Rachel Bilson. Her style is so effortless, laid-back, and casual with a unique twist– true to the LA lifestyle and the LA-based Paige brand.

  39. My favourite Paigeaholic is Lauren Conrad – I think she always has this effortless chic about her, and its inspiring for “normal” women.
    I would love to see Brandy rocking some Paiges next!

  40. Rachel Bilson has a knack for assembling outfits–scarves, tops, shoes, bags. Her Paige jeans complement her artistic ensembles. And I’d like to see Rachel Weisz in Paiges! She and the jeans would make a gorgeous pair!

  41. My favorite paige-a-holic is Isla Fisher. She is so cute and casual. She doesn’t try too hard, but she looks great. I looooooooooove paige jeans! I just got a white bootcut pair for summer.

  42. I saw this opportunity and I almost jumped out of my seat and shrieked for joy. Since they are my fave brand of denim.
    I have been waiting for an opportunity to win a pair of Paige on Denim Blog.

    As for my fave Paigeaholic, it’s tough, because I think they all look so fantastic in Paige denim. Isla Fisher would probably get my top vote though. She has really rocked Paige out! She’s perfectd the styles of the relaxed boyfriend look all the way to the sexy skinny look and I really like how she has embraced all of the styles. Seeing her in all of these styles has actually driven me to branch out and try the different styles (I used to only wear bootcut).

    I would like to see Joanna Garcia wear Paige. I have seen her wear them on the show “Privileged” this past winter. She looked so fresh in them on the show, but it would be aweseome to see her wear them in public.

  43. Hard to bear Jessica Lowndes, though Rachel Bilson looks great also in them.

    Which celeb do I want to see next in them? ANY of them

  44. My favorite Paigeaholic is definitely Isla Fisher. She sure knows how to rok her paige denim.

    Thank you for the oportunity to win such an amazing pair of Paige!!! I do not have one and would love to wear a pair. I am a big follower of the brand recommendations here in the blog. I just received my AG Ex Boyfriend Pair and have been wearing them NON STOP! =)


  45. Ooppss… I would love to see Katie Holmes in Paige. That girl knows how to wear her denim and sooo fashonably!

  46. I really enjoy Rachel Bilson. I think that her jeans really complement her fun personality. I would really enjoy seeing Megan Fox in Paige denim

  47. My favorite is Rachel Bilson, I always like her style. I would like to see Britney Spears in Paige. Even though she’s worn them before, I havn’t seen her recently in them and she has an awesome booty and a nice pair of Paige denim will only enhance that.

  48. MY favorite has to be Gwen Stefani. No matter what she wears she always looks great, and she has this knack for always looking original!

    I’d love to see Jennifer Garner turned into a Paigeaholic. Mostly because she always looks just like someone you’d see on the street and not a mega superstar.

  49. my favorite Paigeaholic is rachel bilson she has fab style. I would like to see victoria beckham rocking them soon.

  50. I barely believed my eyes when I first saw this give-away…Paige jeans are my ABSOLUTE favorite brand of denim!!!! The fit is amazing!

    I love love love LC in her Paige jeans, the white just looks so fresh and effortlessly chic…like she’s ready for summer!

    I would love to see Julianne Hough in Paige…she is so cute and exemplifies the Pretty in Paige look!!!

  51. My favorite Paigeaholic is Gisele. She rocks those jeans like nobody’s business and the cut of them makes her looks even taller and skinnier (is that possible?) I would love to see Megan Fox rockin’ a pair, they’d be a nice break from her usual fare.

  52. I love Rachel Bilson in paige. Her style is so cute! I think Megan Fox look really hot in some Paiges.

  53. My favorite Paigeaholoic is Gwen Stefani. The celebrity I would like to see most in Paige is Courtney Cox.

  54. My favorite Paigeaholic would have to be Lauren Conrad, love her style always! I also love the Skyline Ankle Peg which is my favorite premium denim!

  55. My favorite Paigeaholic is Lauren Conrad, she has great style and always looks great. I would love to see Sarah Jessica Parker next in Paige!

  56. My favorite Paigeaholic is Lauren Conrad and I’d like to see Megan Fox wearing Paige.

  57. Lauren Conrad, for sure! I love the way that she can pull these great looks off, using high end and low end products. She can wear things I never could.

  58. My favorite paigeaholic is Isla Fisher, because she has such simple yet classic style and she always looks adorable and so put together. She is also gorgeous and can pull off a lot of the Paige jeans and they always look amazing on her. I would love to see Miley Cyrus or Demi lovato in them becaus they are young and fresh just like Paige Premium Denim and they both have really cute curves and I think the jeans would flatter both there figures.

  59. My favourite is Rachel Bilson – she epitomizes style and shows us petite girls that you don’t have to have a 34″ inseam in order to look absolutely stunning!

  60. Hands down, Isla Fisher is my favorite paigeaholic.

    I would like to see Katie Holmes wear some Paiges just because I am so tired of seeing her wear J brand all the time. I love J brand, but diversity please!

  61. My favorite paigeaholic is either lauren Conrad or Rachel Bilson because they are very fasionable and have aborable figures. They don’t have the same figure but Paige jeans flatter all figures! The person I would like to see in PAige is Sophia Bush or Leighton Meester!!! I love Paige Premium Denim and own a lot of pairs and would love more because they are the best jeans ever!!!

  62. My favourite paigeaholic has to be Gwen Stefani. She has been an icon of mine since I was in my early teens. Her fashion and music have always intrigued me.

  63. my favorite paigeaholic is Rachel Bilson ,she looks amazing in paige.
    I’d love to see jennifer anniston wear paiges.

  64. My favorite Paige-Look from this page is the Lauren Conrad’s outfit, it’s so clean, simple, color matching – white with tan accessories.

    I would like to see Vanessa Hudgens in Paige denim next time, she rocks every pair she has…


  65. Rachel Bilson is definitely my favourite Paigeaholic, she always looks so effortlessly cool and put together and is a fashion inspiration to a lot of us petite girls.

    As for the next celeb in Paige, I’d love to see Ryan Reynolds in a pair. I think Paige for men is seriously underrated and it’s about time Hollywood leading men take notice!

  66. My favorite pagaholic is Rachel Bilson. I love how she makes such cute bohemian or simple outfits with her page denim. I would really love to see the way kate hudson would wear page denim, especially the more vintage and lighter wash jeans. I feel like page would blend easily in the her style.


  67. Lauren Conrad is definitely my favorite Paigeaholic.

    I would like to see Jennifer Anniston in a pair of Paige.

  68. I would have to say Gwen Stefani is my favourite Paigeaholic celebrity. ANd i would love to see Megan Fox in a pair of Paige XD

  69. My favorite Paigeholic is Rachel Bilson – I even saved that picture of her in that outfit because I want all of it, especially the jeans. I’d love to see Jessica Alba in Paige – she always wears great denim!

  70. Who is your favourite celebrity Paigeaholic?
    My favorite “Paigeaholic” is Lauren Conrad. I adore her laid back California style, her mix of high-low brands and of course her denim choices. To me, she is the quintessential “Paige” girl.

    And which celebrity would you love to see next in Paige? Kate Bosworth. She is so elegant and has a timeless style that I think emulates Grace Kelly(in black tie) and when dressed down she appears to love her body and isn’t that what Paige Premium Denim is all about!

  71. Ha, the girlfriend wouldn’t mind a pair of these…

    Favorite “Paigeaholic” – Isla Fisher. She’s got really good style and she wears her jeans with whatever she is wearing really well.

    Celebrity i’d like to see – Megan Fox. I just think the right pairs of it would suit her well.

  72. My absolute favorite Paigeaholic would definitely be Rachel Bilson! She looks terrific in Paige jeans and with her knack for style and accessorizing, she is a walking advertisement for the brand. Paige denim is all about looking effortlessly stylish and sexy — and such a brand suits someone as chic as Rachel Bilson.

    The next celebrity I would like to see in Paige denim would be Vanessa Hudgens. She is a fashionista on the rise and is clearly style savvy and a denim enthusiast. Paige jeans would look fantastic on her!

  73. My favorite Paigeaholic is Isla Fisher. She did such an amazing job in Shopaholic and really brings out the name in Paige denim.

    The next celebrity I’d like to see sporting Paige denim is Beyonce Knowles. She’s my favorite singer and with her wearing the brand, the brand is surely to jump in sales!

  74. My favorite celeb in Paige is Rachel Bilson. She always manages to put things together that work for her and Paiges are no exception.

    Celeb I’d like to see in Paige would be Scarlett Johansson.

  75. My favorite Paige-a-holic is Lauren Conrad. I love her overall fashion sense, not just her choice in denim. She looks very well put together most, if not all the time. What I love most about Lauren’s style is how simple it is, and how chic it looks at the same time. Very few people IMHO can pull that off. I definitely draw inspiration for my wardrobe from her, among other celebrities.

    I’d love to see Kate Hudson in Paiges, or Mila Kunis. I think they’d look really cute in Paige jeans. They’d flatter almost any celebrity.

  76. I think the best paigeaholic has to be Isla Fisher – the jeans make her butt and hips look great. And she always wears them in a way that gives me fashion inspiration.

    Paige jeans are so flattering – I love my skinnies – they would look great on almost every celebrity. I agree with all the other posters who suggest Megan Fox – she seems to really appreciate denim and a simple top. And I bet her body would look ridiculously good in Paige.

  77. My favorite Paigeaholic is Rachel Bilson She’s got really good style and she wears her jeans.

  78. My favorite Paigeaholic is Lauren Conrad. I feel that her style is similar to mine and I am always on the look out to see what she is wearing. One of my favorite Paige looks on her was when she was rocking the optic white pair for a cool, summery look back in April. I loved the casual way she put her outfit together. Not only did I want her white jeans, but her handbag and sunglasses as well.

    I would love to see Ali Larter in a pair of Paiges! I have seen her in Genetic, True Religions, Hudsons, and even Calvin Klein, but I think she has the perfect body and style for Paige denim.

  79. Gwen Stefani!! She can pull off looks that I wouldn’t dream of trying. I’d like to see Jennifer Garner in some Paige while she’s running around with her family.

  80. My favourite paigeholic is Rachel Bilson. I know she doesn’t wear her own brand, but that’s because she’s so cute in Paiges! She’s a little shorter like I am yet she’s able to pull of serious fashion but still have a very boho and laid-back look. The next celeb I would like to see in more Paiges would be Kate Bosworth. The brand run a little slimmer and I think she would look so great in them.

  81. My girlfriend would shower me with kisses if I got her these jeans. She never has enough money to buy any new Paige jeans (which she is obsessed with) so winning them would be amazing.

    Rachel Bilson looks the sexiest out of all these women in jeans because she has such a great body and smile. I like when women’s jeans fit them just right, like hers. I think Cameron Diaz would look great in these skinny jeans. She is such a gorgeous woman.

  82. Rachel Bilson! And I’d like to see how Paige works on a really petite frame, like Kylie Minogue.

  83. Paige looks so great on everyone!! I wish I had a pair πŸ™‚ My favorite Paigeaholic would have to be Lauren Conrad though because I love her outfits, espically the one posted here. It’s so white and summery! I would also like to see Jennifer Anniston rock some Paige jeans because I know she would!

  84. My favourite celebrity Paigeaholic is Gwen Stefani because she makes every look her own. I would love to Angelina Jolie in Paige next. She has a great figure and never shows it off in premium denim!

  85. My favorite Paigeaholic is Isla Fisher. I think Paige makes classy and classic denim, and that it looks especially great on someone like Isla Fisher who is a beautiful, classy-looking woman with gorgeous gorgeous hair. I would love to see Jessica Alba in Paige. She wears a lot of denim and I think Paige would be super flattering for her.

  86. my favorite paigeaholic is rachel bilson. she seems so down to earth and they just seem to suit her well. i think tina fey would actually be a great person to wear paige…she’s got a cute figure but is someone everyone can relate to, and she’s been in the limelight so much lately, it would be fun to see her sporting some paige’s!

  87. love isla fisher, she is amazing especially after having a baby. I would love to see sienna miller in paige.

  88. Well, according to me the ultimate paigeholic would be cameron diaz and rachel bilson,simply because they have diferent body frames and they know how to work it in any attire.They can carry any outfit with equal panache. So i would like to see how they work the paigeholic denims considering the fact that cameron represents the quintessential american style while rachel has her own freshness and amazing sense of mixing and matching stuff.Moreover I quite have a body frame like these two actors,so before I actully buy,it would be great to see how these stars look in those deims.However everyone has their own individual style.Apart from that I would also like to see Kate Winslet wearing it because she has often been considered an actor with the old monotonous hollywood glamour, so i would also like to see this change on her full body.


  89. my fave celebrity paige-aholic is nicole richie. she looks good in paige jeans even while preggers! (if i didn’t love her style so much i would have to hate her for being able to wear non-prego paige jeans while a few months pregnant! the celeb i would love to see in paige would be natalie portman. she is a classic beauty that has such a great, fun sense of style. i can see her in a pair of paige skinnies with lanvin flats and a simple but elegant shift top! thanks for the contest! fun!

  90. My favorite Paigeaholic is definitely Rachel Bilson. Her style is really laid back, yet always put together and nice looking. She looks classy even in grungy clothes.

    I would love to see Natalie Portman in Paige. She’s probably one of the most respectable young people in Hollywood: she’s incredibly intelligent, super trendy, and doesn’t play into the spoiled, crazy young celebrity stereotype. Paige would definitely reach out to a whole new demographic if she were to represent the brand.

  91. my favorite Paigeaholic is Nicole Richie. I would love to see Jennifer Aniston in Paige next!

  92. oops! forgot to leave my name~ sorry.

    my favorite Paigeaholic is Nicole Richie. I would love to see Jennifer Aniston in Paige next!

  93. My favorite Paigeaholic is NICOLE RICHIE. She rocks them!
    The next person I’d like to see in Paige is definitely supermodel Freja Beha Erichsen. I’d like to see her rock some Paige skinnies in her trademark androgynous style.

  94. My favorite celeb in Paige denim is Isla Fisher. She has such a classic style.
    The celeb i would love to see next in Paige would be Megan Fox. She would definitely rock ’em !

  95. My favorite Paigeaholic is Isla Fisher for not only does she look well put together and sophisticated but she also looks comfortable, relaxed, and happy when she is wearing this particular denim brand if she’s out at an event or taking care of her daughter.

    I would love to see Blake Lively or Leighton Meester in Paige for I feel that they both have the perfect shape and attitudes to wear Paige. Also since they are both the stars of Gossip Girl, they would have an excellent style to fit whatever look they are aiming for while wear Paige Premium Denim.

  96. my favorite Paigeaholic is Rachael Bilson. She wears all different styles, from wide leg to skinny, and shows off how the jeans are a good fit for small, petite sized girls. The celeb I’d like to see in Paige is Natalie Portman.

  97. Rachel Bilson is my fave Paigeaholic, as she’s also my fave style trend-setter in general!

    I don’t know if I’ve ever seen Jessica Simpson in Paige Denim, though I bet I have. Paige Denim always seems to show up on all my favorite celebrities!

  98. My favorite is Isla Fisher. She has a great figure and wears Paige jeans very well. I’d love to see Cameron Diaz in Paige jeans cos’ she’s tall and have great legs!!

  99. My favorite Paigeaholic is Lauren Conrad. She has an effortless chic about her. I would love to see Jennifer Anniston in a pair of Paige.

  100. Isla wears her paige beautifully! She always wear hers in the simplest way yet stylishly for everyday wear. Hayden Pannetiere is one of my favorite too, her fit is great, always a polished casual look.
    I would love to see Eva Longoria in Paige, she is as petite as me and Paige would fit her great like it does me. =)

  101. My favorite Paigeaholic is Gwen Stefani!!!
    Her style is impeccable~
    I would like to see Jessica Alba in Paige next!! πŸ™‚

  102. My favorite Paigeaholic is Gwen Stefani! She really knows how to rock it out- on stage and in her denim! She is not afraid to show her unique style. I’ve been a fan of hers since my high school days when No Doubt came out so it’s nice to see her in one of my favorite brands of denim.

    I would pick Blake Lively to wear Paige next. She has such awesome style on Gossip Girl, as well as in her own life. I’ve seen her in Rich and Skinny, Sevens, and J Brand skinnies on the show and would love to see her rock Paige Skyline jeans. She’s hot!

  103. My favorite Paigeaholic is Isla Fisher, she just has such great style. One celebrity I’d like to see wear Paige next would be Eva Longoria, I think it’d look great on her!

  104. My favorite Paige Aholic is Rachel Bilson because she is effortlessly casual and can make a regular t shirt look amazing. I’m a very casual girl, and I appreciate other women who don’t have to be made up in heels all the time. You can dress down and still be sexy, as Rachel shows.

    I would love to see Megan Fox in Paige because she looks amazing in any pair she wears and we have a similar body type. I’d also love to see Rhianna wearing Paige because she dresses up her denim in ways I’ve never seen before.

  105. My favorite Paigeaholic is Gwen Stefani because she has such a unique, wonderful sense of style, and I think Paige denim really flatters her awesome body! I’d love to see Angelina Jolie in Paige denim because it might help her get back those curves she used to have!

  106. My favorite PaigeAholic is definitely Gwen Stefani! She looks awesome in the jeans and she can rock anything and make it her own. Her style is unique and artistic and she’s just a beautiful person! I’d love to see Scarlet Johanson in Paige denim!

  107. I’d have to say I like Nicole Richie in Paige best since she wears a lot of washes that I would love to wear. I think I’d like to see Anne Hathaway wear Paige next, since I think it would match her well.

  108. My favorite celeb in Paige denim is Isla. Seems like she has about every pair of paige out there, and she makes them look very flattering, yet casual. I’d like to see Vanessa Hudgens more in Paige since she has such great style.

  109. My favorite celebrity paigeaholic would have to be Gwen Stefani beacuse she is a wife and mother of 3 she still looks hot in skinny jeans! In the future I would love for Rhianna to show off her amazing body in the Paige Premium Denim as well.

  110. I love Rachel bilson in Paige because she looks amazing wearing just about anything! I think Anne Hathaway would look really good wearing paige denim because she has an awesome figure.

  111. I love me in Paige…at least my husband thinks I’m a celeb. As far as an actual movie star I would like to see, Paris Hilton, that girl needs some pants on!

  112. I love the way that Rachel Bilson (Paige-aholic) utilizes classic wardrobe pieces, such as a pair of perfectly fitted skinny jeans with a black blazer. Her look is chic, easy, classic, and timeless. The look definitely could *not* be pulled off without a good understanding of style, accessories, and what works with your body shape. I’d love to have a pair of Paige jeans to attempt it myself….and a million other ways that I could wear the ankle length jeans this Spring/Summer. Le sigh.

  113. PS, I’d love to see how Kate Moss would style some Paige jeans. I just about die when I see most of her outfits in magazines! She has impeccable style!

  114. My favorite celeb in Paige would definitely have to be Rachel Bilson. She is such the fashionista and makes everything look good. Her style is trendy, yet very comfy–I love her!

    A celeb I would like to see in Paige would be Megan Fox because shes so sexy. I know she’d make the jeans look fantastic.

  115. My favourite celeb in Paige is Gwen stefani. She is always rocking it in style and has the body to look good in absolutely anything. With her career sky rocketing she has an edgey look with whatever she wears.

    The celebrity I would like to see in Paige would be Jessica Alba she’s so cute and sexy. With that toned model body of hers she’ll definately rock Paige jeans with no doubt!

  116. My favorite Pageaholic is Selena Gomez. She’s such a cute girl and her style is so laid back and well put together. She always looks so comfy!
    I would love to see Ashley Tisdale in some Paige Denims as she has great taste in denim and the more I see pics of her, the more and more I love her style.

  117. I have already posted my response, but I never asked the following question: is this contest only for USA? Thanks.-

  118. I definitely love the Paige denim on Lauren Conrad the best. She dresses up her summer white denim with a cute comfortable tee and natural colored sandals. she knows how to dress up her oufit to look chic and flattering. I am a huge fan of Paige denim because they are extremely comfortable and make my booty look fabulous! I would love to see Paige denim on Paris Hilton. The Paige denim will help accentuate her tiny booty, which is always a plus =].

  119. My favorite Paigeaholic is Rachel Bilson because she wears it well, and pairs it up with the right style and fashion that makes her look great! I would love to see Megan Fox in Paige because she can pull off almost any style of jeans.

  120. Rachel-Bilson she’s a hottie and can rock anything! I would love to see miss Jennifer Aniston sporting Paige beacause she is so classy; what a perfect match.

  121. Fave Paiger: Isla Fisher. Paige denim is a brand that can withstand active living, and Isla fisher shows that well when she’s out & about with her daughter. People with such hectic lifestyles prove that with Paige, you get what you pay for.
    It is quality.

    Future Paiger: Courtney Cox-Arquette. She has an edginess that could dress up Paige jeans to a new level.

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