Celebs in Denim: Kim Kardashian in J Brand Zombie

Kim Kardashian and singer Ciara had lunch at the Ivy restaurant in West Hollywood; Kim was wearing the J Brand 912 Pencil Leg in Zombie and what looks to be a Balmain vest. I can’t find the vest online, but the jacket has been seen on Beyonce and this vest sure looks much like it.

Photos Courtesy of Gossipgirls


  1. You won’t find a bigger fan of Kim Kardashian than me, but I think this outfit is horrifying. The lace undershirt? What is she thinking?

  2. Yes I think her whole outfit makes her look a bit chubby 🙁 Its almost like she tried to copy Beyonce or Rihanna and didn’t quite pull it off….

  3. Okay I just looked at it again, maybe she is wearing the target one. Funny when I first compared the two they didn’t look the same, but I looked again and yeah it looks like the Target one. Omph!

  4. Yeah I saw that vest when I was at Target today and I was like OHHH I SAW THAT SOMEWHERE ELSE RECENTLY AND SHE DIDN’T KNOW WHERE IT WAS FROM … haha looks like you found out before I could tell you 🙂

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