Celebs in Denim: Chris Pine in Double Denim

Chris Pine made a quick trip from his home in California to his local 7-Eleven to pick up some Fiji water while wearing a denim shirt with denim jeans. A few other male celebs (Zac Efron, Pete Wentz, and Kanye West) have rocked this blue denim shirt/jacket with dark/black denim jeans, what do you think of this?

Photos Courtesy of Gossipgirl


  1. haha those are woolen clogs I think- not the manliest things ever! My boyfriend loves his denim work shirt and raw denim jean combo- he thinks he looks great 😀

  2. Those shoes + bluetooth in ear = tool

    At least he’s a good-looking guy though, otherwise it would be a disasterous combination! The rest of his outfit isn’t that bad.

  3. I am not sure about jeans with rolled up hem. Although I saw models rocking this look in the G-star fashion show, I gave up on this look after a few attempts. I wonder what statement it makes with this look.

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