Celebs in Denim: Caprice in True Religion Fake True Religion

Caprice takes part in the Celebrity Soccer Six charity football tournament at Chelsea Football Club, Stamford Bridge in London, England and she is showing off her cute bum FAKE True Religion Jeans. Yes I said *FAKE* True Religion Jeans!!!! Ugh….The wash is all wrong and the horseshoe shape is atrocious! Now how does a celeb get a pair of fake jeans? I’m not sure, but if all of us can avoid the fakes, you would think celebs could too! NEVER EVER BUY FAKE JEANS, I don’t care who you are, they are NOT in style and NEVER will be! If you can’t tell what is fake and what is not, then either buy from a reputable retailer or be sure to have them authenticity checked!

Caprice’s full name is Caprice Valerie Bourret; she has been a American lingerie model and actress. Most of her career is know in the UK though, where she is known by only her first name. I sure hope Caprice reads this blog and learns from her HUGE denim mistake!!

Photos Courtesy of Wireimage


  1. I do not think they are fake at all.. Celebs get custom designed jeans ALL THE TIME! She probably had these designed for her! 🙂 x

  2. They were confirmed as fake by a few TR experts, she isn’t really that famous that I think she would get custom ones 🙂 I do think they are fake as well, the horse shoe is all wrong, the pocket shape is wrong, the stitching looks terrible 🙁 But hey Zee!!

  3. These are genuine HAC-TAC jeans by the Trademark holder of the horseshoe back pocket since 1987, long before True Religion.

  4. Nice try, Phil. But those are Fake TRs. So does Hac-Tac, do fake triple stitch like TR too? Yeah, she’s showing off her “Hac-Tac” jeans **rolls eyes**

  5. who cares if they are fake she got a nice A** and they look good dont hate about something you know nothing about

  6. Ok, so she made a mistake, it happens…people are human. You “busting” her out like that makes you no better, and definitley not very nice or forgiving. I mean, you’re catching pretty hard feelings to out her so hard! What?… did you sit in the back of the store and hand sew all the TR jeans yourself, if so then I can understand your fervor. If not, give her a break, geez!

  7. I’d have to agree, fake or not, they look pretty damn good and she wears them well. If you think the wash looks messed up then I’d have to say your entirely clueless. Hell, they even look nicer than the real jeans to be honest.