Celebs in Denim: Beyonce in Denim Leggings


Beyonce Knowles wears a really cure pair of denim leggings whilst she leaves Bungalow 8 night club in London, England. I am so in love with her shoes! Her jacket is pretty hot too. I’m not sure how I feel about the whole shoulder pads coming back in fashion though, what do you think? They have never suited me.

Images courtesy of justjared.com


  1. Don’t worry lorna, shoulder pads does not fit anyone, including Beyonce. well, wait, they kinda work for some balmain models. but that is it.

  2. Thank goodness you agree =D I think they make a person look too square and much like a box lol. I guess you really have to have that perfect figure shape to wear shoulder pads well. I hope we don’t go back in time to the 80s where everyone wore them!

  3. she tries too hard these days. it seems like she wants to be pegged as a style icon anytime soon.