Trend Alert: Black zippered jeans and leggings

Black skinny jeans with zippers or even leggings with zippers are emerging as a new trend, but the zippers aren’t on the ankles! Kim Kardashian was spotted wearing leggings with a side zipper, Jessica Biel is wearing black jeans with a side zipper, Pink was rocking it moto style in black jeans with front zippers and Kourtney Kardashian is also wearing black jeans with front pocket zippers. I bet you are wondering where you can get yours? Here are some places to cop their style: Revolve, Bluefly and singer22.

Photos Courtesy of Gossipgirl


  1. I agree ^ I can’t stand Kim and I thought Paris was bad….
    Basically…all she did is copy Paris anyway…Ohh let me make a sex tape so I can get famous since my dad already has money….and then I’ll make a reality TV show….
    Doesn’t suprise me that they’re friends.
    I’d like their wallets..I just wouldn’t stoop to their level..getting famous for being a harlot.
    Except for Paris wouldnt go Ray-J low.
    Plus, everything about her is fake, including her behind. Ickkkk

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