The new Samurai 24oz denim!


So the normal, average pair of jeans are between 10-12 ozs in weight, I have raw denim that is 14oz, they are very thick and so hard to break in. The new Samurai 24oz selvage Japanese denim stands up on it’s own! I’m not sure how you would break these babies in… it would probably be a tough and painful few weeks, your movement would probably be restricted a huge amount as well. What do you think of the new 24oz denim? Would you wear jeans this thick?


  1. Hell yeah, deffo. Best jeans I ever had were stand up by themselves shrink to fit Levi’s that took 2 years to break in. Would love a pair that good again.

  2. Absolutely yes! I agree with Jay, the Levi’s I used to get when I was younger were made of that heavy heavy denim, they never wore out, they felt great when they were rigid and just as great when they were (oh so gradually) broken in. The fade was perfect, too (different indigo dye). I loved breaking those Levi’s in.

    I bought a pair of the 24-ounce Samurais and am breaking them in now. They are magnificent, and yes, they’re like wearing cardboard (which I like!). They are among the finest jeans I’ve ever worn! Love them!