History of Denim Brands: Current/Elliott


Current/Elliott has been spotted on every celebrity and started the “Boyfriend” trend. But how did the brand get started?

Current/Elliott was born in summer of 2008, when Emily Current and Meritt Elliott, both stylists, met with friend Serge Azria. From this meeting, the girls shared their love for vintage denim and had a similar outlook of denim styles. This outlook paired organically with Azria’s visions and his innovative ideas, and voila! Current/Elliott was born!

Emily Current and Meritt Elliott’s vision comes from their experience in over a decade of styling for publications as well as celebrities. Their belief is dressing without rules and mixing high pieces and low pieces to create a fun and fearless aesthetic that is uniquely theirs.

Serge Azria is the more silent partner, as his name doesn’t appear in the brand title but he is far from non existent. Rather he is the CEO, creative director and the owner of the brand.

The brand has grown to feature jeans, shirts, shorts, dresses and skirts. They also released their first Men’s collection in Spring 2009.


  1. Emily Current and Merrit Elliot started the brand from there love of America and Vintage. Emily and Merrit are two of the best stylist in l.a. who always had the best Vintage jeans on and there clients and every girl envied them. They wanted to start a brand but did not have the financial backing, so Serge helped them to launch the brand. The brand as you can see comes from a place of originality and love. The above article is incorrect.

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